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FSB Lead Generator Programme

Becoming a Lead Generator

Simply follow the link to register as a Lead Generator. As a Lead Generator you are eligible for a £30 incentive payment, payable when the lead has become a FULL FSB member for a minimum period of 3 months.  For any queries or to claim an incentive payment please email

Members Play a Part

Our research suggests that the most effective method of producing quality leads is by recommendation.  Our members and staff are our best ambassadors as they KNOW the benefits of FSB membership.

How Do I Play My Part?

One of the best ways in which leads are generated is through our members, staff and partners who have day to day contact with people who run businesses or who are self-employed.

A quality lead is something we should aspire to create.  When providing leads and data it is worthwhile remembering that the quality of the lead provided is dependent upon whether the lead turns into a new member.

How to input a lead

Quality leads can be registered here or by emailing It is important that the prospects details are inputted into our system as this will enable to track the source of the lead and ensure that you are eligible for the incentive payment.

To reiterate the terms and conditions of the Lead Generators Scheme and to qualify for the incentive payment:

  • You must be a member and a registered Lead Generator
  • The lead must be input into our system
  • The prospect must become a FULL member of the FSB and have had their membership for a minimum period of three months
  • To comply with HMRC regulations, Lead Generators are sent an invitation to invoice for the amount due for leads provided that are eligible for payment at that time.
  • From 17 March 2016 registered Lead Generators are eligible to receive £30 for every member get member referral they provide who becomes a full member of the FSB.