FSB's Mission

Our mission is to help smaller businesses survive through these difficult times and ultimately achieve their ambitions.

Principal objectives:

  1. To be fully representative of the whole UK small business community.
  2. To provide support, advice and practical solutions to our membership community.
  3. To advocate on behalf of small businesses and the self-employed, providing a powerful voice heard by Governments and key decision makers.
  4. To manage FSB’s financial resources in a manner that ensures best value for members and safeguards FSB for the future.

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Members get an exclusive package of great value business services including advice, financial products and support. These cover a wide range of benefits such as tax, legal and HR, local network groups and business banking.

We don’t only provide fantastic membership benefits - FSB is also the UK’s leading business campaigner, focused on delivering change which supports smaller businesses to grow and succeed. Our lobbying arm starts with the work of our team in Westminster which focuses on UK and English policy issues. Further to this, our expert teams in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast work with governments, elected members and decision-makers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.