Nightingale HQ - Bringing automation and AI to SMEs all over the UK

Blogs 1 Sep 2020

Meet our FSB Wales member of the month for September

Nightingale HQ is a Cardiff and Dublin based start-up who recently won a Innovate UK grant to help SMEs bounce back from the disruption caused by the global pandemic. They took on five people and developed the GoSmarter Toolbox – automation for SMEs to streamline manual tasks and processes across business.

Named for one of the world's first and most successful data scientists - Florence Nightingale - the firm was formed when founder and CEO Steph Locke decided that in order to scale her business, she needed to build a platform.

In a big leap forwards for the business, the team have recently launched The GoSmarter toolbox. This contains six automation tools that can easily and quickly automate everything from invoice processing, meeting management, online bookings, sales processing, social media listening and even bigger admin processes that are simply wasting too much time.

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK and since most of the costs of developing it are covered, Nightingale HQ have been able to make it free for all SMEs. The expert support and advice helping SMEs to get up and running and adding value to their business is completely free.

The only cost that would need to be met by SMEs is the subscription fee for the various products.

Why automation, why now?

There are 5.8 million SMEs in the UK impacted by COVID and many of them will now be looking for new ways of doing things. Changing work practices and business models are resulting in a much greater emphasis on digital design and delivery.

SMEs are now having to look at new ways to do more by using automation tools to streamline and increase productivity.

Business can choose from a range of automation tools under the GoSmarter project such as a process automation tool, social media listening, supercharge sales tool, the invoice processor, the FAQ Chatbot tool and a productive meetings tool.

For many businesses the biggest overall benefit is the time saving and freeing up of valuable company time to work on more high value and productive tasks such as interacting with customers or finding new business. To find out more about each tool Nightingale HQ are running a series of webinars on Eventbrite, find out more by clicking this link: or visit the Nightingale website at