FSB Member Stories: Nicola Fraser, KR Group

FSB Member Story 3 Aug 2023

Steel fabrication specialists KR Group, based in Aberdeenshire, are on a mission to develop the young workforce in the construction industry. Director Nicola Fraser takes us behind the scenes.

KR Group, founded in 2003, has grown from a family business into a leading steel solutions provider. Known for innovative solutions and tackling complex projects, KR Group's dedicated team prioritises safety and collaboration to deliver exceptional results across various sectors. Located in Aberdeenshire, they serve clients throughout the UK.

“We joined FSB back in the very early days when we first set up” says Nicola Fraser, a director of KR Group. “When running a business, you often don’t know who to speak to about various things. Maybe some HR advice or legal advice…and it’s great to know that you can…get some expert advice any time.”

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