FSB Member Stories: Rachel McIlgorm, Storybox NI

FSB Member Story 22 May 2023

Social enterprise start-up founder Rachel McIlgorm is celebrating and championing local businesses in Northern Ireland one box at a time through her purpose-driven business.

Rachel McIlgorm started Storybox NI in 2021 with the hope that she could do her part to celebrate, champion, and rebuild local businesses and social enterprises after a turbulent time during the pandemic - and so, the community interest initiative was born. Storybox NI is an online business based at the iconic Portview Trade Centre in the heart of East Belfast.

“We are devoted to celebrating others, lifting each other up, and preserving the magic of community. We’re bringing together some of the most beautiful, useful, passionately-made local products, and combining them to create boxes of pure joy. We fill our boxes with products that are made with quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in mind,” says Rachel.

“Part of our mission is to use the surpluses that our business makes to give back, and so our dedicated social cause (outside of our support for social enterprise and local businesses) will be to make a financial donation to support a mental health initiative or service every year,” adds Rachel.

The small business has recently donated to a local women’s centre which will pay for mental health support for local women in need, as well as to PIPS Suicide Prevention Charity through a ‘giveaway with purpose.’

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