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Mubarak Chati's Member Story

Mubarak Chati is the Managing Director of 1 Events Media, a company that specialises in providing cost effective marketing and networking platforms to businesses of all kinds. Alongside his team of five, Mubarak organises large corporate dinners and business exhibitions. 

We attended one of the company’s event – the ‘E3 Business Expo’ event in Bolton, where we had the opportunity to speak to Mubarak about his experiences as a business owner, and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The event saw many business owners attend from across the North West.

E3 Expo

The established businessman describes 1 Events Media for us, “I started the company five years ago, we organise local networking events every two months, taking place throughout the North West. These events can be attended by up to 50 businesses. We provide the perfect marketing platform for businesses to attend and meet like-minded individuals as well as suppliers and new customers.”

We also spoke to Mubarak about the incredibly successful awards event that he set up in 2013, “We have also created the E3 Business Awards, ‘E’ standing for Enterprise, Education and Employment.”

The awards have really taken off, “We’ve been running for the last few years, and can host between 500-700 businesses across the North West. We will continue to do it, year in year out.” The event gives small and medium enterprise owners the chance to showcase their achievements and gain recognition for the hard work that they do.

Before becoming a member, Mubarak was already aware of FSB, its work and reputation, “I wanted to be a part of an organisation that could connect me. FSB was a no brainer, I saw the local businesses around me were part of FSB. I knew FSB was a national organisation who had been working with small businesses for a number of years. As a start-up, I needed some support and FSB were the right people for me.”

Mubarak talking

Mubarak described how FSB had given him access to valuable business to business connections in the North West, “We’ve been very fortunate to develop a lot of partnerships with relevant organisations - including FSB. We work closely with them, they’re not just an organisation - they represent 18,000 businesses in the North West. Having somebody like FSB behind you is fantastic. There is a whole team behind the organisations, whatever is required: support, advice, finance, you know that you’re not alone, you’ve got FSB.”

We asked Mubarak what it’s like to start-up a new business by yourself, “It’s hard work and there’s going to be a level of investment required.”

“People think that if you go into business you’re always going to make money – lots of money, but the reality is that you don’t in the first few years as the business needs to grow and you have to constantly reinvest time and money. You will have to work exceptionally hard and at times burn the midnight candle. You will have to make sacrifices but in the end it's all worth it.”

When asked what advice he would offer to any entrepreneurs starting out, Mubarak explained, “People start a business for a number of reasons but ultimately to make money. For the first few years it's really about investing time and money and working long hours to establish a strong foundation made up of loyal customers, credible branding, integrity and someone who always delivers.”

“The rewards will follow inevitably in terms of finance, reputation and recognition but all in good time. Patience and perseverance is the key to success.”

We’re proud to stand behind exceptional small business owners such as Mubarak, with our advice and support we can help make your ambitions a reality. At FSB we play a pivotal role in helping small businesses overcome challenges by lobbying on political issues and offering comprehensive member benefits.

If you’re thinking of starting up your own business, take a look at our Member Benefits and see what you could gain by becoming a member of FSB. If you’ve had a positive experience with FSB in the past then we would love to hear your story, email us via

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