What can I post on my Instagram feed?

Blogs 8 Jun 2020

Many brands are using Instagram to showcase their products and services, get your business on the 'gram with our guide to content.

Instagram is the most visual of the social media platforms, consisting solely of images and video content (supported by captions). 59% of Instagram users are between 18-29 making it an ideal platform for showcasing your products and services to a younger demographic. If you haven’t yet set up your Instagram account or are still using a personal account we have step by step instructions on how to get your business account up and running

Instagram feeds typically consist of photos, images and short videos. Your content should embody your brand and its values with a consistent look across all posts. So, what types of content can you post on Instagram? Read on for our guide.

High-res photos

Instagram has become the place to post the best quality photos online. The platform is perfect for posting your product photos, especially if you are a fashion or food brand (which are both very popular searches amongst Instagram users).

Screenshot from Califiafarms Instagram

You can increase your readability and reach a wider audience through the use of hashtags and by tagging your products and services.

Tip: Add to your discoverability by location tagging - simply add in your location whilst uploading your content.

Screenshot from Lola's Cupcakes Instagram

Long-form videos 

Instagram is great for posting videos that are on the shorter side, but if you want to post longer videos you can do so on Instagram’s (portrait video in-app platform) IGTV - which will preview the first 30 seconds of your video on your page or in the user’s timeline, and allow users to continue watching by clicking on the actual post. This is a great way to get users to explore a post and land on your page.

British sweet manufacturers Candy Kittens used video to make the announcement of their new competition stand out from their feed.


While it’s important to keep a consistent and flowing theme on your Instagram company page, there is more flexibility when it comes to posting on your ‘story’. These are posts which disappear from your page after 24 hours.

Here are some great ways you can use Instagram stories as a great marketing tool:

  • Storytelling
  • Promote a blog
  • Announce limited time offers and promotions
  • Offer giveaways and discounts
  • Share quotes and inspirations
  • Share announcements, news and updates

The ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram stories, available if you have over 10,000 followers, is also a great tool to link readers to your site.

Think about design

As Instagram is primarily a visual platform, your images have to look top notch. Canva is an easy to use free website which lets you create graphics for your feed quickly and professionally. Full of how to articles and free templates, it’s a brilliant resource for a business looking to fill their feed.

Social media consultants Be More Social use Canva to create bold posts that not only stand out individually but create patterns in their feed.

@facesdeumreflexo use a strong consistent theme to create multiple posts which fit together like a puzzle giving the feed the look and style of a glossy magazine.

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