Robin Walker, Green Robin Solutions

Blogs 6 Jul 2023

Robin Walker, owner of Green Robin Solutions and one of the founders of FSB's LGBT+ networking, shares his business story and advice for LGBT+ entrepreneurs.

Robin Walker
Robin Walker is the owner of Green Robin Solutions, a consultancy working with businesses to optimise how tasks are performed, with the aim of improving customer engagement and reducing inefficiencies. 

Tell us about yourself and your business. Why did you start your business? 

I came out as gay to my friends and family at the age of fifteen and although I am not defined by my sexuality it is an important part of who I am.  

After University, I worked in The City for many years in banking where I worked in organisational change creating environments where people could thrive in their careers and culturally could be authentic in themselves. 

In 2019, with the support of my husband I took an opportunity to establish Green Robin Solutions, where I work predominantly the legal sector to deliver similar organisational change initiatives to enable these firms to improve business performance through having the right plans, policies and procedures for growth and creating . 

What advice do you have for LGBTQ+ people who want to start their own business? 

For any LGBTQ+ person who wants to start their own business, I would say go for it! You don’t have to start something very big and complicated, take your time to learn what works and doesn’t by experimenting.  Since COVID with a move to more on-line based networking there are so many more ways to meet other business owners including those who are part of the LGBTQ+ online so you don’t have to be based in a big city to start testing your ideas for a business and engaging with people. 

What has your experience of the FSB LGBTQ+ networking events been like? 

These events have been really great! Although I am slightly bias as the concept was born out of meeting Jose Franca one of the other co-founders at different networking events both online and physical and realising that not only are we both owners of our own consultancy businesses, but we are also both gay men.  

Personally, these events have been really great in building a community where everyone can be their authentic selves and I’ve also found it empowering by meeting other LGBTQ+ people from across the country. I love hearing about the different array of industries people work in and seeing the community grow.  

What are your top tips for LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion? 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) isn’t about having a policy or being able to produce statistics on the composition of the workforce of the business. It is about creating an environment where not only is everyone aware of the importance of their role in the wider success of the business, but where there are role models at all levels of the business and who are confident and comfortable in themselves to act as role models and ambassadors. 

I used to work for a bank where there appeared there were no LGBTQ+ senior leaders. As it transpired there were, but as they progressed on their career journey they chose (for various reasons) to not identify outside of their immediate peer groups.  This meant for more younger LGBTQ+ employees there were no visible role models. 

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