Craig Beaumont

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, and of course the rest of the community represented within the ‘+’, who become small business owners and the self-employed, often tell us: To be themselves, they wanted to work for themselves. 

Craig Beaumont, FSB Chief of External Affairs

Welcome to FSB’s LGBT+ business hub! 

The original idea for this hub came from FSB members within the LGBT+ community. We then launched it in 2022, filling the clear gap in the market for a free online resource page for LGBT+ business owners.

At the core of the hub, we have captured FSB members' stories and presented to help others. I think they're genuinely inspirational - helpful for other LGBT+ small business owners to see; a must-read for people considering setting themselves up in business in the first place; and useful for employers who want to make their workplaces LGBT+ inclusive, but don't know where to start.  They sit alongside assets and details of our national networking events.

The LGBT+ hub is an outreach project that takes its place alongside FSB support for disabled entrepreneurs, women in business and ethnic minority-owned firms. Other hubs cover trade, high streets, sustainability and skills - there's something for everyone.

Our hub is dedicated to Richard Allsop, who sadly passed away unexpectedly on 25th March 2023.  Rich was a brilliant young FSB member, whose business brought love and light to hundreds if not thousands of people in and around the LGBT+ community.  His original story is available here

In the spirit of community and legacy, Let's Grow Business Together.

Mike Freer,
Former Minister for Equalities

"People that are able to feel themselves at work are free to realise their full potential.

"We've seen fantastic examples of businesses fostering inclusive environments where LGBT people can flourish.

"The ‘Let’s Grow Business Together’ digital hub will bring businesses together to share resources and expertise, celebrate LGBT entrepreneurship, and ensure real positive change for LGBT people in the workplace."