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FSB Legal Protection Scheme

Our Legal Protection Scheme gives you and your business access to a wide range of legal and tax support – be it through our helplines, our online Legal Hub or our insurance protection.

What are the key features?

You and your business will have automatic access to:

  • Legal costs insurance, including the following sections:
    • Criminal Prosecution Defence
    • Employment Tribunal Representation
    • Tax and VAT
    • Property disputes cover
    • Data Protection Prosecution cover
    • Jury service payment
    • Personal injury pursuit cover
    • Statutory Licence Protection
    • Crisis communication support
    • 24 hour Legal Advice helpline
    • Tax and VAT advice
    • Health and safety advice and support
    • Online Legal Hub providing a comprehensive range of support materials
    • Health and safety training videos
    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) materials/advice

    What are the benefits?

    To have access to Legal and Tax specialists in support of your business can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Having advice, support and insurance protection for a wide range of legal and tax scenarios is essential.

    FSB members automatically benefit from specialist advice helplines, insurance protection and access to an online Legal Hub.