FSB PR/Crisis Management

Our PR/Crisis Management advice service is here to make your life easier with important information and guidance from a public relations expert who can assist you in handling a crisis.


What are the key features?

Telephone advice available 24 hours a day on how to deal with serious negative publicity along with up to £10,000 of insurance to assist you with a major public relations crisis.

Our specialists will be able to:

  • Advise on protocols following a crisis
  • Prepare, draft and issue a press release
  • Prepare general communications within your business and externally
  • Advise on how to mitigate negative publicity
  • Provide guidance documents on how to protect yourself

What are the benefits?

Dealing with a major public relations crisis or negative publicity is a daunting prospect.

FSB’s communication support can assist you in minimising any damage to your reputation or financial position.