FSB Member Stories: Katie Hodgkins, KBN Reptiles

FSB Member Story 4 Jul 2022

After entering a competition to win a shop for a year at 24, over a decade later Katie Hodgkins is the proud owner of KBN Reptiles, Coventry's only specialist reptile shop, and employs an experienced team.

Katie Hodgkins started her own business, KBN Reptiles, at 24. “I wanted to help educate people about reptiles and create a place where people can come to learn about them and their care. Coventry City Council were running a competition to win a shop for a year. We didn’t win, but they offered us a rent-free period for 12 months - and here we are 11 years later!” said Katie.

As an independent shop owner, Katie felt quite isolated and overwhelmed at times, but as an FSB member she can rely on FSB for advice, support, and reassurance.

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