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Running your own business means you have to be an expert not only in your own field, but also in marketing, social media, accounting, HR - the list goes on! 

We have created the FSB skills hub to support you with the resources you need to ensure business continuity over the next weeks, and to help you build and grow your business in the future.  

Find answers to your legal questions, demystify the digital world, build a robust business model and unlock the potential of your FSB membership.

Social Media Training - Free for Members

The challenge is on to sustain productivity despite unforeseen restrictions - FSB aims to help empower our members in as many ways as we can. These live broadcasts are provided for our members to support your businesses using social media. Our expert hosts will cover a range of topics related to the current pandemic starting with the 'five fundamental must do’s' you'll need to help keep your business afloat. There will be opportunities to ask questions if you're watching live so find out more today to avoid missing out. 

Watch our live webinars

Join us for a live weekly webinar new each Thursday 12.30 -13.30 or watch on demand from 3 April. Please use the link below to enter the webinars. You will go to a new site where you'll need to provide your name and email address to the webinar host.

Watch the webinar

Your webinar hosts, Be More Social, are experts in the field. They've specialised in helping businesses develop their skills on social media to support their existing customers and develop new contacts. They will be discussing a different topic on Thursdays at 12.30 in a live webinar and holding a follow up Q & A session. Details below.

Watch a recording of the webinar above

How to make your business digital: an introduction

In this webinar, you'll cover the five fundamental things you must do during this crisis to help keep your business afloat. Now is the time to invest in marketing and to be a digital presence in your field. Over the course of this series, we will be looking at all of the solutions you need in place to be able to find new customers and maintain relationships with current customers.

Watch a recording of the webinar above

How to find customers on LinkedIn (Live streaming Thursday 9 April, 12.30)

This week you'll find out about creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, how to search for new customers over LinkedIn, source the right leads using specific keywords and convert them into customers. In this webinar, there will be a chance for a hands-on approach from your own LinkedIn account.

A recording of the webinar is provided for members. Don't forget, we will also be running a live Q & A webinar on Tuesday 14 April (12.30) featuring the questions about LinkedIn raised here.

Engaging in Facebook Groups to find customers and maintain

How to engage in Facebook groups is a huge opportunity - and necessity - for multiple businesses during this crisis. You'll discover the secret tool for ‘Social Listening’ and then engaging with prospects from Facebook Groups, converting them into customers and finally a solution to maintain that relationship.

How to use Twitter Lists to find new customers and maintain relationships 

Twitter lists are a great way of slowing down the newsfeed from the platform. Here you'll go through a step by step process on how to set up a list, add people and monitor the flow of updates. Alongside this, you'll be looking at how to source opportunities, reach out and introduce yourself via the platform.

How to sell more products on Instagram 

In this webinar you will cover how to navigate the complexities of Instagram, identify the right hashtags and find potential opportunities for your business. You will them look at how to convert your profile to a business profile and set up your first advert.

The 5 Fundamental Must Do’s of Social Media

The final webinar in this mini six-part series will be looking at the other digital solutions for your business looking at platforms such as MailChimp, Zoom and Consultive.IO, all tools that allow you to communicate with your customers digitally. You'll look at how you can utilise data sheets and effectively communicate with your pipeline of prospects and customers, and there will also be an opportunity to review the Be More Social platform to see if it can help you with a FREE 30 day trial of their system.



Your questions and concerns, covered.

As an FSB member, you are part of a powerful network. Don’t hesitate to use it. Our FSB helpline services are operating as usual, always there to answer our member’s questions. Together, we are working hard to support your needs in challenging times. Below are just a few of the services available to you at no extra cost that you can take advantage of with a full list here

FSB Funding Platform

FSB Funding Platform

FSB's funding platform matches you with the largest panel of business lenders in the UK.

FSB Legal Hub

FSB Legal Hub

FSB's legal hub provides online factsheets and documentation covering key legal, HR, tax and health and safety issues that you might encounter when running your business.

FSB PR/Crisis Management

FSB PR/Crisis Management

Specialist advice on how to plan for and deal with crisis situations

FSB Care

FSB Care

FSB members with a serious health condition have free access to a personal nurse adviser - providing practical information and emotional support.

FSB Legal Protection Scheme

FSB Legal Protection Scheme

Legal protection covers various scenarios and offers you and your business a 24/7 legal advice line.

FSB Insurance Service

FSB Insurance Service

From our free insurance advice line to business continuity and tailored products, we've got you covered

FSB Cash Advance

FSB Cash Advance

Fast, flexible funding with no hidden repayment fees. Get funding tailored for your business and matched to your cash flow needs.


Supporting small business and the self-employed

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has affected small businesses and the self-employed across the whole of the UK and businesses are adjusting to new ways of operating. We have a curated selection of guides, events, special offers and downloads from businesses across the UK to help with this transition.

A click & collect online solution with social distancing from Rhino

A powerful click and collect solution with social distancing to help small businesses reconnect with their communities in a safe and controlled way. 

Get your businesses online in less than 5 minutes. 

  • Register a Rhino Business Account
  • Setup your Menu / Products
  • Setup your Opening / Closing Times
  • Setup Time Slots to enforce Social Distancing
  • Start Trading Online

Video Tutorial: https://rhinoapps.com/how-does-it-work-business/

Consumers can also register on Rhino Online.

  • Select a Local Business
  • Select the items they wish to purchase
  • Option to Pay Online

Video Tutorial: https://rhinoapps.com/how-does-it-work-consumer/

Businesses can embed a link in their web site or Facebook page to take their customers straight to their order screen. Rhino charge a Flat Monthly Fee of £30 plus Vat per Month.  Please note that Rhino do not charge commission on your sales.

Perfect for local restaurants, florists, butchers, fish shops, furniture shops, lighting shops, book shops, charity shops and most customer facing businesses that need to control the flow of customers to their premises.  Protect your customers, your staff and your brand by controlling the flow of customers to your premises.

To register a new Account: https://web.rhinoapps.com/rhino/#/customer-sign-up?partnerCode=FSB1000

Free access to the JournoLink coronavirus tool to share your comments with journalists

JournoLink links small businesses direct to national and local journalists, and journalists to businesses, to help profile good small business news stories

The FSB have partnered with JournoLink to give you free access to over 10,000 journalists through the JournoLink coronavirus comment tool. 

Simply post your comment through the link below and include your location to ensure the right regional media is targeted and JournoLink will do the rest.


Free Coronavirus Government Support Eligibility Checker from Tide

With over 150,000 SME members, Tide has been contacted by a huge number of business owners stating they are confused about the financial support the government has announced, what they are eligible for and how they can apply.

The Coronavirus Government Support Eligibility Checker will help SMEs to cut through the noise and identify the financial help available to them, as well as pointing them in the right direction to access that support.

Tide are offering the Eligibility Checker free to FSB members. Visit the Tide website to find out more.

Free digital skills training with Google Digital Garage

Access free digital skills training from Google to help take your business online. Join live training via webinar to learn how to build a digital marketing plan, create a social media strategy, get started with digital advertising and more. See the full list of courses and webinars on our website.

Find out more and enrol at goo.gle/digitalgaragewebinars

Free Virtual Leadership Playbook from Adapt2Digital

This guide is for business owners to understand what they should do, how they can support their teams and workers and help the transition toward remote working as seamlessly as possible.

Access the guide via - https://www.adapt2digital.com/virtual-leadership

Free 30 minute affiliate marketing consultation with Awin

Awin have developed a self-managed service tier called Awin Access. It is the perfect option for smaller businesses, giving you the chance to try out affiliate marketing without a long contract commitment or with the burden of heavy costs.

Awin are providing a free 30 minute consultation for FSB members with one of their experts to help you decide if affiliate marketing can help your business. 

You can access this offer through the following link - https://www.awin.com/gb/advertisers/fsb

PopUp Business Survival Guide from PopUp Business School

PopUp Business School are helping small businesses navigate through the next few months of choppy waters. They have trained over 6500 people in five countries in their alternative approach to starting and growing small business. Access their PopUp Business Schools for free information, inspiration and insights from the PopUp Team. 

Access the guide via - https://www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk/survival-guide.html

Free Access to Zway online business productivity software

Zway is an on-line business productivity software suite. It aims to enable companies and all of their employees the ability to work from home during these difficult times.

Users can access all of the features of Zway (fully integrated) for free until the end of 2020 if they are FSB members. The suite includes highly featured and sophisticated applications that are all joined up with a task based cover sheet making it easy to use.

Access the offer by vising www.zwayonline.com quoting FSB

Free on demand webinar from Action Coach: 11 Steps To Beat The Crisis

As part of ActionCOACH's commitment to supporting the business community, this free online webinar will help you create a proactive plan of action for the critical next 90 days. 

This 11 step webinar will share with you the key information on how to pivot your operations to tackle the economic impact of the current global health crisis.

Watch the webinar on demand at - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf9vmczUfXo

10% Discount for FSB Members on INtouch from Unite Telecoms

The INtouch platform allows you and your team to work on up to three devices and make and receive calls as you would in your business premises. The platform features: 

  • Mobile App - Manage the whole phone system from your mobile phone.
  • No Hidden Charges, All prices include VAT
  • 1000 Inclusive minutes to call UK Local, National and Mobile Numbers.

Unite are offering FSB members a 10% discount on the package. Visit https://unitesmallbiz.co.uk/intouch/ and quote FSB Offer when ordering

Suite of free products and services from Reach

Reach solutions are offering a suite of free products to help support small businesses in England, Wales and Scotland during the current crisis. 

This includes free landing pages, videos, marketing health checks, consultancy services, webinars and more. To find out more, please visit https://local.reachsolutions.co.uk/therewithyou/

Time Use Diary from Panlogic

As used by the Office for National Statistics, this time-use diary allows employees to enter time spent on granular level tasks and for managers to view via dashboards, time spent. Useful for tracking staff time and also for understanding how small business employees are using their time (both in and outside office hours). 

Find out more at www.panlogic.co.uk

Free and fast DBS checks for health and social care roles treating COVID-19 from Verifile

In response to COVID-19, the DBS removed their costs for Enhanced DBS checks on 31 March and said they would fast-track adults’ and children’s barred lists checks. Verifile can deliver free and fast criminal record checks in line with the government’s own commitment. 

To support the emergency recruitment of health and social care employees and volunteers dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, both the DBS and Verifile have temporarily removed the admin fees for Enhanced DBS checks resulting in a free service for this check. 

As an umbrella body of the DBS, Verifile's direct link and automated processes can deliver fast-tracked responses in line with the government’s commitment to a 24-hour turn-around time.

Find out more at - https://library.verifile.co.uk/free-dbs-checks

Free access to healthcare plans from Equipsme

Equipsme provides health insurance plans for businesses, employees and their families.

Equipsme are offering businesses with 2-20 employees access to their healthcare plans, free until 1st August. There’s is obligation to stay on the plan, and businesses can cancel at the end of July without paying a penny.

Find out more at - https://www.equipsme.com/

FREE version of the Smarty CRM or Smarty accounting software for 6 months

Smarty CRM delivers an all-in-one customer relationship management, sales and marketing suite that is perfectly tuned to help small businesses grow and prosper. Take advantage of features like building the pipeline to manage sales, and web forms to help with lead generation.

We are offering a special FREE version of the Smarty CRM or Smarty ACCOUNTING for 6 months to help startups and small businesses run a business online. The offer includes also free training and an account set up.

Visit https://www.smartysoftware.net/fsb to take advantage of this offer 

Save My Local

Save my local is a non-profit service for small businesses built by volunteers. It allows you to setup your own online page selling vouchers and gift cards within minutes.

Small business an easy online registration process that will allow them to set up personalised page so that they can start selling vouchers now, for products and services they’ll supply later once the lockdowns are lifted.

Visit https://savemylocal.org/ to create your page.

FREE Consultation for COVID-19 Business Support from TaxAssist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants are offering a FREE telephone or video consultation to help explain the various Government support package that are available to small business owners and self employed professionals.

TaxAssist are offering a large range of information through their COVID-19 Business Support Hub, free webinars and business clinics to join in and ask any questions you may have and a range of newsletters and social content to keep you updated with the latest Government announcements.

Find out more at - https://www.taxassist.co.uk/who-we-help/fsb-members

FREE 30 day trial to my Mind & Body Interactive Fitness App

FSB members are offered a free 30 day trial to my Mind & Body Interactive Fitness App. Many people's mental and psychical health needs extra help at this at a time like this. 

Access your free trial via: https://fitt2020.clickfunnels.com/optin1585300294657

Free access to the Thriving During Isolation self coaching module

This online self-coaching programme will walk you through a step by step process of building a Thriving During Isolation Strategy for both you and your employees. 

Find out more at: https://www.mindset.co.uk/thriving-during-isolation-fsb/

Free virtual events from Goho Boutique Marketing & Events Agency

Goho have created a series of virtual events aimed at SMEs and those managing teams in other larger corporations. Bringing together their illustrious ‘Creative Network’ the series consists of quick fire, fast paced discussions around some of the topics all businesses currently need a helping hand with. Upcoming topics include Wellbeing, Recruitment and HR and marketing.

To access the webinars visit - https://www.thisisgoho.com/webinars

3 Months free access to Six Circles Community Engagement Platform

The Six Circles platform is designed to heighten community engagement digitally. The platform allows you to engage with your community as well as allowing your community to interact with each other in multiple ways.

Six Circles are offering small businesses free set up and three month fee free useage of the platform. To find out more, visit - https://www.sixcircles.co.uk/

Free webinars from UpSkill Digital

UpSkill digital have developed a series of free webinars to support businesses in readjusting their workforces to working from home and keeping morale high. 

Access the webinars at - https://upskilldigital.com/upskill-virtual-academy

Boost your business with OU talent

Boosting your business is easy (and free) with The Open University (OU). Gain access to our digitally-savvy, self-motivated, skilled and experienced student talent pool all over the UK and beyond. Advertise placements or vacancies for free on the OU’s OpportunityHub. Access funding for virtual internships. Meet OU students in an online briefing, a virtual company visit or a virtual booth at our online careers fairs. Currently OU are offering their services to employers free of charge. 

For more information, visit - http://www.open.ac.uk/employ-ou-talent/

Business Account with 1% Cashback from Cashplus

Cashplus are offering FSB members a digital banking service and payment card, which gives back to SMEs and will save them time and money.

1% cashback is earned on all qualifying monthly card spend and the first year's annual fee (normally £69) will be refunded.
This unique offer is the best cashback rate on business accounts in the UK.

To find out more please click here

Discount on Software Development and Application support from Amdaris

At Amdaris we know the importance of continuing to innovate. However, budgets are stretched and this makes it harder for people to pursue their digital roadmap. To help this we have introduced special discounts during the pandemic. These will equate to a saving of up to 30% discount for the next two months during the current pandemic.

To find out more visit - https://amdaris.com/

Free use of the LiveLead platform

LiveLead is a sales lead generation platform that provides its customers with visibility and access to almost every public sector tender and planning application lead in the UK. LiveLead are offering free use of their sales generation system to all UK businesses to help them fill their sales pipeline whilst the country is on lockdown.

Find out more via: https://www.livelead.co.uk/news/read-articles/livelead-providing-help-and-support-to-uk-business-during-lockdown-payitforward

SME mentoring & free online cash-flow management tool

Amos Beer is offering free, no-obligation mentoring for SME's until the COVID-19 crisis is over as well as access to a free online cash-flow management tool for small business. 

Find out more about the Seams tool at: https://www.seams.app/

Contact Amos via: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amosbeer/

Security and Fire Detection Systems

Keep your fire and security systems maintained and your business protected. SecuriGroup is SSAIB inspected, accredited to ISO 9001 and holds Safe Contractor Gold approval. Our qualified engineers have expertise across a range of products including: fire detection, intruder alarms, access control, CCTV and cutting edge thermal screening technology.

Securigroup guarantee to reduce existing security and fire system maintenance and monitoring by 20%. 

Find out more at: https://www.securigroup.co.uk/

‘Virtual bite-size learning’ - free taster with Bridgford Consultancy

Complimentary taster of ‘bite-size learning’ with a Bridgford Consultancy facilitator with a quote for virtual training on what is most relevant to you. Leadership, communication and personal development topics.

Bridgford's most popular bite-size training sessions are ‘Facilitating online meetings: top tips’, ‘Focus your energy’ and ‘Being heard: conveying an important message’.

For virtual classroom, participants join remotely and participate fully in a small group, enabling your team to train together, wherever they are.

Find out more here: https://www.bridgfordconsultancy.co.uk/our-services/virtual-classroom/

Free 30 minute consultation with Buzzbar

Buzzbar are offering a free 30-minute consultation with a Marketing Specialist to talk about coming out of lockdown strategy and beyond. Speak with an expert who can help you with marketing strategy, content and social media expertise.

Find out more: https://buzzbar.co/book-a-specialist/

Free month trial of Safepoint

Safepoint is an award-winning platform which allows businesses to ensure the safety of their employees when lone working whilst easily staying compliant with today's safety regulations.

During this difficult time Safepoint are offering a completely free month of Safepoint for any small business who needs it. Sign up at https://www.safepointapp.com/ and use the code PROTECTMYSTAFF at checkout.

Discounted courses from Jo by SaveTheHighStreet.org

Jo by SaveTheHighStreet.org are offering free educational content and business health-checks for all high street businesses as well as a discount on their 12 week COVID-19 accelerator programme for local independent businesses.

The course runs for 12 wekks and is designed to help small businesses develop and implement a plan to ‘Reduce your costs’, ‘Sell in new ways’, ‘Adapt your marketing’, ‘Collaborate locally’, ‘Prepare for the future’ and ‘Fund your business’.

Jo are offering FSB members a 15% discount on the course. Click here to find out more.

Free use of ShopAppy.com digital platform

ShopAppy.com is a digital platform, supported by VISA, that makes it easier for customers to browse local businesses, book local services and buy local products with easy click and collect after the shops have closed from one single collection point and home delivery.

ShopAppy.com is FREE to use for businesses (B2C and B2B) until at least 31st July 2020. There are no commissions on sales and no obligation to continue, we simply want to support businesses to survive the current challenges so we all have something to look forward to after the restrictions have ended.

For more details and how to apply, visit: https://shopappy.com/support-local-covid-19

Free issue of The Exporter Magazine

The Magazine for exporters and importers, with original articles, essential information for International Traders, Customs & Compliance Updates; How To...Guides; Ask the Experts advice; Training Directory; Region Focus; Sector, Finance & Logistics Features, all written by experts in their field.

Normally subscription only, The Exporter have release the May digital edition as free to read. Visit https://www.the-exporter.com/ to read your copy. 

Free Pay360 Call Secure Digital service

Capita are offering their Pay360 Call Secure Digital, a secure phone and ecommerce payment system, free of both licence and implementation charges to enable small businesses to take payments securely from their homes during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is available from 12 May 2020 for six months. Further details and information can be found at: https://www.pay360.com/free-call-secure-digital

Free return to work toolkit from SOM

Managing the safe return to the workplace of UK workers needs careful planning.

SOM’s free toolkits, produced with the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Business in the Community (BITC), and Mind, the mental health charity, will help businesses plan to reopen workplaces.

Find out more at: https://www.som.org.uk/som-and-partners-launch-free-toolkit-help-employers-create-safer-workplaces-returning-employees

Free 30 minute consultation with DigitalNext

DigitalNext are a team of Google Premier partner website experts and marketers who believe that developing a multi-channel strategy is paramount to online success.

For companies who need swift reactive COVID 19 bounceback strategies, DigitalNext are offering website, marketing and cybersecurity appraisals and a free 30 minute call with our top-level Google Premier partner experts, all they need to do is contact me and I can arrange this for them.

For more details, contact: [email protected]

Discounted online Business Course For Small Businesses Affected by Covid-19

The Online Business Course from Marisa Guthrie Coaching is a four week series of masterclasses to help small business owners who have been financially affected by Covid-19 build confidence in their business.

The course is offered at a reduced rate for small and micro business owners who have been financially affected by Covid-19.

Find out more at: https://marisaguthriecoaching.co.uk/online-business-course

Training Sensei June Bootcamp - 20 short e-learning courses for you and your team

Training Sensei's members set them the challenge of coming up with something that was relevant and sensitive to the current climate; interesting, growth-focused but with a healthy slice of fun.

The result? Training Sensei’s bootcamp. A daily mental workout which is easy for businesses or individuals alike to engage with.

The bootcamp:

  • 20 days
  • 20 short courses
  • £20 per participant
  • 20% discount with the voucher code TS20b

Register at - https://trainingsensei.com/bootcamp/

Free Recovery & Resilience Health-Check from Save the High Street

SaveTheHighStreet.org is offering a free recovery and resilience health-check for local business owners.

FSB members who fill in the survey will receive:

  • A personalised report highlighting vulnerabilities and opportunities across your business.
  • 6 top recommendations selected for you, each with step-by-step guides.
  • Consultant call (optional) to discuss your report and recommendations.

Find out more at: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5576426/High-Street-Recovery-and-Resilience?s=fsb


Let's get together

We're open and ready to talk, join us at our virtual networking sessions across the UK. All our sessions are free and open to all small businesses and the self-employed. Search for events near you or brush up your networking know-how with our guides. 

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Lights, camera, action! 7 tips for virtual networking
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