FSB Member Stories: Ramon Romero, The Climbing Hub

FSB Member Story 4 Jul 2022

Bradford-based small business owner Ramon Romero from The Climbing Hub shares how he’s learning from others and taking his business to new heights as an FSB member. Ramon explains how he’s taking advantage of legal support and local networking opportunities.

Ramon Romero opened The Climbing Hub in Bradford with his business partner Ejaz Hussain in late 2020. He wanted to use his experience to make The Climbing Hub a place where climbers could grow their skills, socialise with friends, and find new adventures.  

“I started climbing in university and from there I explored other outdoor sports like mountaineering. The journey has taken me to amazing places and to meet new friends. During that journey, I wanted to build my own climbing wall, and few years ago I felt the urge to make it happen and to use the business to make a positive difference in society,” said Ramon.  

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