FSB Member Stories: Jane Fisher, Jane Fisher Associates

FSB Member Story 19 May 2023

Management consultancy owner Jane Fisher takes us being the scenes of running her business and shares how she’s making a difference for local businesses.

Jane Fisher set up Jane Fisher Associates Management Consultancy to help others discover how they can lead change successfully. In addition to 1 to 1 and small group working with C-suite executives and business owners, Jane has also developed her own leadership model, ‘Adventurous Leadership’.

“In 2013, I was made redundant after a 29-year career that started out in education but progressed into leading transformational changes across Local Authority areas. It was here I developed my passion for leading change, driving cross-sector and cross-organisational initiatives to implement national policy, transforming the lives of young people,” says Jane.

“Having never been ‘in business’, it was a daunting experience, and FSB offered the opportunity to network, learn and develop. A source of advice and guidance, FSB offered me security in this regard, for example - legal advice, should I ever need it,” adds Jane.

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