FSB lends voice to new Net Zero Coalition

News 3 Sep 2021

Spelling out what net zero really means for businesses on the ground.

As part of FSB’s efforts to help our members become more sustainable, and to encourage the Government to put measures in place to assist the small business community’s transition to net zero emission status, we’ve joined a new group of energy providers, tech firms, property developers, financial services companies and advocacy groups dedicated to spelling out in numbers, as well as words, what net zero really means for businesses on the ground.

The Accelerating Net Zero Coalition has been convened by Tortoise – the “slow news” group which prioritises in-depth analysis of trends shaping the world over reactive coverage – ahead of the global COP26 summit in Glasgow this autumn.  

The new partnership will see FSB members enjoy discounted access to Tortoise content, including the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition’s research and Tortoise’s ThinkIn events, where a single topic is discussed from different angles. Findings from the Coalition will feed into Tortoise’s Responsibility 100 Index, which the media group says “measures the gap between ‘talk’ and ‘walk’ for some of the biggest companies on earth.”

The move follows the launch of FSB’s own Sustainability Hub, as well as our participation in the Broadway Initiative and backing of the UK SME Climate Hub.  

FSB National Chair Mike Cherry said: “While many large companies now have a climate plan as part of their corporate social responsibility agenda, the biggest opportunity to make a change in the economy – and the toughest group to reach, and help to realise that change – is the UK’s 5.9 million small businesses. These are an incredibly diverse mix of small firms, microbusinesses, and the self-employed, in every local community and in every sector.

“Many of these are keen to reduce their carbon emissions, but aren’t sure where to start. Others see apocalyptic scenes on the news, and the challenge facing us as so enormous that they feel overwhelmed, or that it’s too late to make a difference.

“We are pleased to join the Accelerating Net Zero Coalition to bring a new focus on achievable steps for small businesses to take around the key areas of energy, transport and waste. Our membership of the Coalition will help us analyse what decisions are needed at COP26 from our Government and others around the world, so that the goal of achieving net zero status can be reached.”