Affordable PR support you can count on in a crisis

Nobody likes negative publicity – but how can you protect your business against it and what can you do if it happens? We’re here to support you through a PR crisis, help you communicate with the outside world and get your business back on track

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Protect your reputation

When your business is under a microscope, specialist public relations knowledge is essential to manage your brand reputation and defend against damage.

Insurance at no extra cost

In a crisis, the last thing you want to think about is bills. Don’t worry - you’re covered for up to £10,000 of public relations consultancy from an experienced team.

We’re here in an emergency

If the worst should happen, crisis communication support is available when you need it most, so you can get back to business.

Dedicated advice line

With negative publicity, every move matters. Speak to a PR expert for guidance and have the reassurance you’re taking the right action.*

*Lines open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Experts you can rely on

Whether it’s advice on protocols, support with issuing a press release, or representation at a press conference, we can help you communicate clearly in a crisis.

Professional PR support

Dealing with a major public relations crisis or negative publicity is a daunting prospect, but not when you have experts on your side who can:

  • Prepare general communications within your business and externally
  • Advise on how to mitigate negative publicity
  • Provide guidance documents on how to protect yourself

Ready to get started?

How do I access this?

FSB members can find contact details for our helpline by logging into their member dashboard. Alternatively you can call the helpline directly through the FSB member app.

What is a PR crisis?

Any unexpected event, from faults with your products to issues with your services, can become news to the public, and in turn the media – leading to a public relations (PR) crisis. For example, if your products cause injury or illness to your customers or staff, you run the risk of complaints or compensation claims. 

Effective marketing and PR campaigns are essential to help grow your business and bring new customers into the fold. However, if not planned properly with potential public relations impacts in mind, sometimes your marketing efforts can backfire. 

How can I respond to negative reviews online?

Responding poorly to a negative review on social media or other online platforms can sometimes do more damage than the review itself. This is a time where your customer services skills will be put to the test, and customers take note of companies who excel in diffusing situations and turn negatives into positives. With the right response, you may even win over the person who wrote the review.  

But, if the issue escalates, it’s best to call on our team of experts for support, who can help you to navigate any negative PR. 

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