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From localised flooding to accidental damage or even a pandemic, prepare for the unexpected and build your business’ resilience with a free BCP kit and discounted service. This helps you keep your business running in ways insurance might not be able to help with, and means you have a plan for how your business can continue trading in difficult circumstances with minimal down time.

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Our experts explain insurance jargon, help you to understand your legal requirements and can advise you on how you could save money on premiums with risk management efforts.

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Can’t remember when you last updated your insurance? Our zero-based insurance policy review service gives you the confidence that you’ve got the right cover for what you do.

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Let us know when your policy is up for renewal and we’ll remind you closer to the time to save you the stress. One less date for your busy diary.

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Get the right insurance for your business needs and sector, including legal requirements like employers’ liability insurance and motor trade insurance.

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Whether you’re just starting out as self-employed, or you’ve been in business for years, access insurance advice, news and guidance every step of the way.

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Dealing with lots of data? Protect your business from cyber crime by upgrading your existing free FSB cyber insurance (included with your membership) for a discounted rate.

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FSB Insurance Service is exclusively available to FSB members. Members can log into their member dashboard to find contact details or call directly from the FSB member app

You can also find out more information by visiting the FSB Insurance Service website.

What insurance do I need for my business?

There are many different types of business insurance you can buy to improve your business resilience, but you may have some that you are legally or contractually obligated to hold.  

If you own a car, for example, commercial motor insurance is a legal requirement.  

If you have any employees or volunteers, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. It covers your legal responsibility for your employees, and in the event of a claim, employers’ liability will cover the cost of legal expenses (depending on your policy) and the claim amount. 

Before setting up or reviewing your business insurance, it’s important that you know the key information about your business, especially if you’ve made changes to your operations recently.  

We’ll take you through all of this and the definitions of various insurance ‘jargon’ to make sure you understand and are confident in your business’ requirements and covers. 

If you’re an FSB member, you can call our free insurance advice line for advice and guidance, and when you register you will be provided with a free “Easy Guide to Business Insurance” which includes:  

  • An introduction to different liabilities, protecting you from suffering financially if a claim is made against you if you are found to be responsible and/or as a result of negligence (Public, Product and Employers’) 
  • Professional Indemnity and who might need it 

What types of insurance are there?

Public liability insurance.

One of the most common types of business insurance, public liability covers your responsibility to third parties. Similar to employers’ liability, it protects you from suffering financially if a claim is made against you or your business in respect of loss or damage to third party property or people as result of your negligent acts. Additionally, if you believe a claim is fraudulent your insurer will help to make sure it’s investigated.

Product liability insurance.

This covers liability for loss, damage or injury caused by a product you have manufactured, installed, supplied or maintained. If you handle products and or repairs it is important to make sure that you are covered in case a product handled by you causes loss, damage or injury.

Professional indemnity insurance.

If a mistake you make in your work whilst advising a client causes a financial loss to a client, professional indemnity will help you cover any costs or claims made against you. Professional indemnity won’t cover you doing a bad job or for ‘faulty workmanship’. If you install a boiler that isn’t fitted properly and it causes a gas leak, this will not be covered by professional indemnity insurance.

What is cyber insurance? Do I need it?

If your business is subject to a cyber incident, like a data breach, then cyber insurance can help you to cover the costs and manage the situation using trusted and experienced incident responders. 

Having insurance can be a valuable lifeline, as potential fines, legal fees and claims soon add up. It can support your business with minimising disruption by offering financial protection and helping with any legal repercussions, such as fines. 

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