You don’t have to face it alone

Running your own business isn’t always smooth sailing, but when you’re the boss, who can you turn to? If the worst should happen and you become unwell with a serious physical or mental health condition, having a friendly and experienced personal nurse you can turn to for reassurance is invaluable. Your FSB Nurse can help you in many ways, including understanding your health condition and all its implications, navigating the NHS and other health services, finding local support and specialist equipment and provide a course of therapy or counselling suitable for you.

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It’s free for members

Your dedicated nurse can provide ongoing* practical advice and emotional support with any long-term health conditions, illnesses or bereavement, including pre-existing conditions.

*Up to 3 years per health condition.

You’re not alone

Whatever your circumstances, you don’t need to face it on your own. We’re here to support you through diagnosis, treatments or aftercare.

A friendly voice

You’ll be matched with a personal nurse who will keep in touch with you regularly over the phone and can provide resources related to your condition or treatment options.

Support you can trust

Our team of qualified, registered nurses have years of experience and specialist knowledge. If you need advice from a specialist nurse or simply a listening ear, we’re only a phone call away.

Practical reassurance

From help navigating the NHS, to signposting to charities and local support groups, your personal nurse is on hand to guide you. If needed, a course of therapy, counselling, second medical opinion or practical help at home is available**

**Limited to a total cost of £250 per health condition (not annual).
Due to COVID restrictions, face to face services are only provided when clinically necessary and subject to a COVID risk assessment.

Mental health matters

Speak to a registered mental health nurse who can signpost you to NHS mental health services or clinically assess what therapy would be most appropriate if necessary.

We’re here for you

Our team supports hundreds of members every year with a range of physical and mental health conditions, such as stress, cancer, cardiac, stroke, orthopaedic and bereavement.

You, your family and your business

Your health is a priority, which is why it’s available for all our members, and you can also purchase additional cover for family members or business partners.***

***Employees or family members can be added for a one-off fee of £250, which provides individual access to the Support and Advice of a personal nurse for up to 3 years (excludes external services).

Caring for you

Life can be turned upside down when caring for a loved one, especially when balancing running a business with caring responsibilities. Access long-term support and guidance whenever you need it.

Every step of the way

You can rely on one-to-one support with your personal nurse by your side, who can source a wide range of external services, including therapies or private consultations.**

**Limited to a total cost of £250 per health condition (not annual).
Due to COVID restrictions, face to face services are only provided when clinically necessary and subject to a COVID risk assessment.

Feeling overwhelmed?

You don’t need to be diagnosed with a condition. Whether you’re waiting for a diagnosis, are faced with treatment options, or simply want to talk things through, your personal nurse can offer reassurance and practical advice.

Ready to get started?

How do I access this?

FSB Care is included in FSB membership at no extra cost. 

FSB members can find contact email and phone numbers for FSB Care by logging in to their member dashboard or selecting FSB Care in the FSB member app.

How can FSB Care help me?

With the additional pressures on the NHS and worries about attending GPs and hospitals, we’re finding that people who have a serious underlying health condition have many additional concerns at this time, as well as many feeling isolated and vulnerable.  

Recently, we've supported members by: 

  • Helping with pain management strategies when a hip operation was cancelled. 
  • Researching a voluntary organisation to deliver medication. 
  • Having conversations to help an individual consider all of their options regarding forthcoming cancer treatment. 
  • Organising telephone counselling for a small business owner who was overwhelmed by the financial implications of COVID-19. 
  • Arranging additional phone calls to those who are more vulnerable or live alone. 

During the course of the relationship, your nurse can also source a wide range of external services* such as:  

  • Talking therapies such as counselling or CBT 
  • Physical therapies such as speech and language or physio 
  • Complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki 
  • Second medical opinion or private consultation 
  • Piece of medical equipment  
  • Practical help at home 
  • Nutrition/Dietician services 

Is FSB Care medical insurance?

No, FSB Care is not private medical or health insurance, nor is it a replacement for NHS services. You should always contact your GP first but it can be invaluable additional support ensuring you have all the support you need and utilise all services available to return to good health as quickly as possible.  

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