Your best defence against cyber-attacks

New cyber threats and data security breaches are constantly emerging and becoming more sophisticated, and now more than ever it pays to be protected. Whether you’re an e-commerce business or storing essential customer data electronically, you’ll have peace of mind that limited cyber insurance is included with membership.

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Back-up in your back pocket

Getting the answers you need for essential protection is easy with unlimited access 24/7 to our FSB Legal Hub for help with issues like data security, data breaches.

We’ve got you covered

You’re insured for up to £5,000 for first-party claims, covering your own losses following a cyber-attack or data breach, and up to £10,000 cover for third-party claims, covering your legal liability for damages and costs.

Stay one step ahead

The digital world is constantly changing, but with an online library of documents, security policy templates and information available 24/7, your small business always has the latest guidance.

Defend your data

Protecting your business’ and your customers’ data is a priority, especially when it comes to GDPR and data protection laws. Minimise your risks and stay on the right side of the law by keeping your data secure.

Support your team

Whether it’s business password policies, GDPR compliance tips, phishing emails, or employee exit checklists, make sure your employees are cyber-savvy.

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What can you support me with?

FSB members have 24/7 access to documents, guides and template policies via FSB Legal Hub with new content regularly being added and refreshed covering topics such as:  

✔️ How to respond to a ransomware attack or proactively reduce the impact 
✔️ What to do if a laptop is stolen or damaged and the things that you should consider 
✔️ How to detect and prevent data theft by employees, both current and outgoing 
✔️ Understanding cyber risks for your business 
✔️ Dealing with malicious emails and improving email security 
✔️ Using backups to protect against a cyber-attack 
✔️ Essentials of a cyber security policy 
✔️ The most important things to help protect your business from cyber risk 

What is a cyber security policy? Why do I need one?

A cyber security policy provides working guidelines for how your online systems and software should be used to minimise risk. It helps everyone in your business to understand the processes you have in place to protect your company, data and assets from the bad guys or from accidental data loss. 

FSB members can download a free cyber security template on the FSB Legal Hub. 

What is a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks can take many forms. From the all too common phishing attacks to malware and ransomware, new online threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. 

Private financial information, personal details and account login details are all sought after so that cyber criminals can go on to commit fraud, data theft or extortion. This can include stealing a customer’s information to commit identity fraud with other services or selling stolen credit card numbers and account profiles. 

Financial loss, data breaches and reputational damage are just a few of the negative impacts of a cyber-attack. With GDPR compliance and data protection a huge concern for businesses, it’s even more important to avoid leaked data and potential fines for poor data security standards. 

What is a phishing scam?

Email phishing is a method used by cyber criminals to access valuable information, such as usernames and passwords and other personal identifiable information (PII). The emails are typically sent at random to thousands of people and are becoming increasingly plausible.  

The emails try to trick people into panicking and visiting a bogus website, usually by claiming they need to “verify” or “update” your details, or “reactivate” an account and purporting to be from many of your everyday providers including PayPal, Amazon or HMRC. 

What is cyber insurance? Do I need it?

If your business is subject to a cyber incident, like a data breach, then cyber insurance can help you to cover the costs and manage the situation using trusted and experienced incident responders. 

Having insurance can be a valuable lifeline, as potential fines, legal fees and claims soon add up. It can support your business with minimising disruption by offering financial protection and helping with any legal repercussions, such as fines. 

How do I access this? 

FSB members can find contact details for this benefit by logging into their dashboard and selecting FSB Cyber Protection from the "My Benefits" section. You can also access this benefit directly from your FSB member app

Want this benefit for your business? 

FSB Cyber Protection is just one of a suite of benefits included with FSB membership to help support, protect and grow your business.

Membership starts from £147 per year with a £30 joining fee in the first year.

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