Join us to network with female entrepreneurs across the UK.

Come along to the January session of our bi-monthly national online networking for women in business and make connections from across the UK. We will be using breakout rooms to allow us to network in small groups and to grow our contacts and connections in an informal and relaxed way.

These female focused events are a great option for those new to networking and looking for a friendly place to start, but also great for those with more networking experience who would like to grow their contacts within a community of inspiring business women.

This month our FSB member, Dr Dunni, based in Lancashire, will be our guest speaker on 'Your RECIPE for reducing burnout as you run Your BUSINESS'.

Dr Dunni is the award-winning empowerment coach, Family doctor, International speaker, Best-selling author of the book ‘Every Mum is a super mum’, Founder of Druwa Academy, and host of the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show. Her journey has taken her globally, speaking on multple stages, empowering women with actionable strategies to improve their well-being. She was awarded the top 500 global influential leaders by Brainz Magazine and received the Global Woman Rising star Award.

Join us to hear Dr Dunni's wealth of experience empowering women as they combine work and home life. Running a business is exhilarating, but let's be real – it can be overwhelming. Rather than get exhausted and burnout as you combine business and life, we invite you to this session to help you not just survive but THRIVE as you navigate the many tasks you need to work through! 

This month our host is FSB Development Manager Reshma Begum.

Our events and activities, including those focused on a specific issue or equality characteristic, are open to all. We encourage shared learning, wider conversations and a collective responsibility to inclusivity through allyship, where marginalised groups are supported by others.

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