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Tue, 27 February 2024

Devon and Cornwall Women in Business virtual networking

Your chance to network, chat, make new contacts in a friendly and informal setting

Tue, 27 February 2024

Black Country Virtual Networking

Small business owners in and around the Black Country: connect with other local entrepreneurs, online. Last Tuesday of every month.

Tue, 27 February 2024

West London Virtual Networking

This networking event will alternate from online to in-person happening on the forth Tuesday of the month. February's meeting will be online.

Tue, 27 February 2024

Scotland Virtual Networking

Build your business network by joining our informal and friendly virtual networking event

Tue, 27 February 2024

Disabled Entrepreneurs Networking

A friendly, supportive and productive monthly virtual networking meeting for entrepreneurs with any form of disability or health issues.

Tue, 27 February 2024

Chichester In-Person

In person networking event to support local businesses and the self-employed.

Tue, 27 February 2024

North East London Virtual Networking

This one hour and 15 minute interactive online session will be a chance to connect and network with other small business owners.

Tue, 27 February 2024

West Yorkshire Virtual Networking

Your opportunity to network and effectively develop and grow your business virtually.