A lively interactive panel-based webinar to celebrate and reflect on the key role men play in 2023.

International Men’s Day (IMD) takes place on Sunday 19 November so join us two days before to celebrate the role of men in both their business and their personal lives and look at ways to help support and promote men so they can lead by example.

IMD is an annual celebration of positive male role models and values and this event, aimed at FSB members and guests who runs small businesses, gives us a chance to look at how men can juggle their personal and professional worlds to become the best possible role models.

We have lined up a great panel of speakers to discuss how busy male SME owners can find the help, support and advice they need in these very challenging times and hear some positive steps they can take to achieve their goals.

The IMD theme and goal for 2023 is ‘Zero Male Suicide’ and we will be exploring ways men can improve their health and mental wellbeing as well as joining in the worldwide discussion of the roles they perform.

With plenty of time for you to ask questions we would love you to join us for this, our first FSB webinar event to mark and celebrate International Men’s Day.

Paul Bannister

Founder and CEO of ManHealth

Paul Bannister is a passionate advocate for men's mental and physical health and well-being, dedicating his life's work to creating impactful change Paul founded the children's charity Heel & Toe in 2009 and ManHealth in 2015. As the Founder and CEO of ManHealth, Paul leads an organisation committed to overcoming the barriers surrounding men's mental and physical health and providing essential support for individuals across diverse communities.

With a profound understanding of the challenges men face, Paul brings a unique blend of empathy, expertise, and innovation to the forefront of the conversation. He has orchestrated dynamic initiatives and programs that not only raise awareness about men's mental and physical health but also actively engage individuals in seeking the help they deserve.

Paul's journey to founding ManHealth was inspired by his own personal struggles a deep personal commitment to making a positive difference. His vision extends beyond statistics and spreadsheets; it's about fostering connections, creating safe spaces, and empowering men through support groups, workshops and webinars to overcome barriers and begin their well-being journey.

His leadership at ManHealth reflects his unwavering dedication to fostering an environment where individuals can thrive. Through impactful workshops, support groups, and resources, Paul and his team have transformed the landscape of men's mental and physical health, touched countless lives and offered hope to those in need.

Paul's innovative approach is driving a cultural shift, one that embraces vulnerability, compassion, and self-care as essential components of a healthy and fulfilling life. His vision for a world where men's health is valued, supported, and prioritised continues to inspire change on both individual and societal levels.

Emily Pearson

Founder & Managing Director, Our Mind’s Work

Emily is a visionary and thought leader in the workplace mental health field. She is a Workplace Mental Health Programme expert, developing, three first in the UK, mental health and wellbeing programmes and qualifications (ManBassador Programme, Mental Health Leadership Level 4 Diploma, Mental Health Culture Change Level 5 Diploma).

With over 25 years’ experience working in the mental health, substance misuse and health and social care fields Emily brings health and social care best practice into the Our Mind’s Work mental health culture change framework, initiatives, training and qualifications.

Emily has designed and delivered mental health programmes with synergistic outcomes from changing lives to return on investment, creating mass mindset change to community impact. Emily's programmes have proven to work in all industries they have been embedded in to emergency services to traditional male oriented industries to public services and charities.

Emily has driven change throughout her career which all began after her own lived experience of severe mental health problems in her early 20s which started in her teens. Her recovery ignited her passion which has motivated her through her own relapses to help thousands of people from young people in secure and community settings, to adults with dual diagnosis then bringing over 25 years knowledge and experience into the new workplace wellbeing field in 2016.

Joe Horton

Dad Coach & Founder of Guild of Dads

Joe Horton is a Husband, Father, Podcast Host Coach and Business Owner, who helps men to live more meaningful lives by focussing on what is really important to them. He hosts The Joe Horton Show, which is an interview show dedicated to equipping dads with all the tools, resources and ideas, to help them make improvements in their own lives. He interviews Psychologists, Athletes, Relationship Experts, Best Selling Authors, Stuntmen, Film Makers and BBC presenters, along with many other remarkable people at the top of their game.

Joe's own journey started after losing his Dad in 2015 which, whilst a time of great pain and confusion, caused him to reflect on his life up until that point and how he was living his life. He went on his own journey of self discovery (which still continues to this day). This meant embracing change, making tough decisions about what his priorities in life would be, and taking action to put them front and centre going forward.

Joe runs a successful second generation family business and has led men and dads groups and brotherhoods, in both in the USA and UK in the past decade. He currently runs a monthly hike for dads set against the beautiful backdrop of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex and coaches men on a 1-1 basis.

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