An interactive session to help you read, understand and communicate better with people in business.

Do you struggle to communicate with others? Maybe you’ve tried explaining yourself several times, in many ways, but you are still not getting through. No matter how simple it seems, they still don’t get it. Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Sometimes it can feel like not everyone is on the same page. We say one thing; they do another. Or sometimes what we say goes in one ear and out of the other. 

Miscommunication is bad for business and can be a major cause of stress in our lives. To improve communication, we need to learn how to communicate effectively. 

Effective communication is when we share a message (verbally, visually, or written) and the other person receives and understands it as we intended.

Neil Martin from ActionCOACH, Cheltenham

In this webinar, you will learn the secret to improving communication and how to engage and influence people with different behavioural styles.

What Will I Learn and Take Away from the Session?

  • Uncover the 4 most common behavioural styles (and quick ways to identify them)
  • How to quickly adapt and be more engaging for each style
  • Unlock the secrets of deep human connection and how to build trust and rapport
  • How to use behavioural style assessment to improve team dynamics

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