Join us for short presentations with insights centred around wellbeing, as individuals and in business with a chance to introduce your business.

Welcome to our national Health, wellbeing and personal development for small businesses event, happening on the third Wednesday of the month.

When you’re busy running your own small business, it’s important to take the time to look after your mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Join us for insightful presentations from wellbeing experts who will share practical tips and advice. You’ll also have the chance to connect and network with fellow small business owners. 

This month we will discuss breathwork and how to address burnout and relationship-building for SMEs. 

The theme for June is "Breath of Renewal: Empowering Business Leaders and Teams to Navigate Burnout and Foster Connection through Breathwork"

Guest Speakers:

Victoria Cunningham is a trailblazer in the wellness industry, renowned as the Founder and CEO of the Ordinary People Academy. Armed with an MA Honours degree in English Literature & Sociology and an MSc in Marketing, Victoria seamlessly blends her academic prowess with over two decades of entrepreneurial experience. Her multifaceted expertise extends to copywriting, mindset, and marketing, making her a master at transforming wellness businesses into successes.

Hayley Wheeler, Founder of EmotionMind Connection Therapy, is an innovator, pioneer in the field of emotional and mental health with a proven success with her EmotionMind Dynamic six step process. Hayley delivers high energy keynote presentations and workshops that challenge audiences to maximise emotional and mental performance to increase the bottom line.  Hayley sheds light on the power of harnessing and connecting emotions with your mind for peak performance in business, sports and life.  She does this by getting to the emotional root of mental health challenges for long term wellbeing reducing sickness absence and increasing presenteeism.

Hayley sheds light on the power of harnessing and connecting emotions with your mind for peak performance.

Meet your hosts:

Schnel Hanson is a highly qualified wellbeing coach, with over 20 years delivering learning interventions. Schnel helps people make positive and personal change within the corporate sector. She is a qualified hypnotherapist treating a wide range of psychological and emotional issues in the subconscious and has hosted and contributed to International platforms, on a variety of wellness topics.

Anna Stapleton is a Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Expert promoting Health and Wellbeing in Business as well as in the wider communities, including schools and local Medical Practices. She also collaborates with a charity offering support for the over 50s to get back to work. Her commitment is to make Life Coaching and Mentoring available to as many people as possible so that they can live a life they love.

You will get a chance to:

  • Hear from a variety of speakers during the ‘In Conversation With’ discussions
  • Connect and engage with fellow business owners during the sessions
  • Explore how we can further support the wellbeing agenda within our communities

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