A friendly, supportive and productive monthly virtual networking meeting for entrepreneurs with any form of disability or health issues.

This is a regular opportunity to bring together business owners with any form of physical or mental health issues to network together, advise each other and build up contacts across the whole of the UK.

The monthly online networking session will feature a short 10 minute talk by a speaker with a health issue - or someone who is an advocate for those with a disability - before we go into breakout rooms so attendees can network with one another in a friendly and supportive environment.

This month's guest speaker is Mark Kennedy from Future Toolbox who will be presenting How to Live Life On Your Own Terms.

At the Future Toolbox, we specialise in creating growth mindsets for teens, young adults and their families as they look to get ahead in life. Our tools include Study Skills and Revision Techniques, Goal Setting, Growth Mindsets and Wellbeing along with Life Beyond School.
In 2021, we set up as a social enterprise and began focusing on working with small community groups and then set up a project called Brain or Shine. Brain or Shine is a platform to help those affected by brain injury. In 2012, I sustained a BI after a freak fall whilst on holiday and, despite making a full phyiscal recovery, I struggle daily with the hidden side effects.
Brain or Shine is here to help other brain injury suvivors, their family, friends and work colleagues who may have to deal with these after effects on a daily basis.
Our future plans are to grow the Brain or Shine community and provide much needed support. We offer a series of tools via webinars, a podcast, blog posts and a newsletter plus we have a peer to peer support group on Facebook.
The Future Toolbox is evolving to offer more tools for neurodiverse teens and young adults who may be suffering from brain injury or diagnosed with ADHD, autism or similar.


These virtual networking meetings are part of the FSB's ongoing Business Without Barriers campaign which aims to encourage inclusive, supportive workplaces and offer advice for the country's army of disabled entrepreneurs.

This free #FSBConnectOnline networking is open to all businesses - both FSB members and non-members are welcome to attend, so please feel free to share with your networks.

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We look forward to seeing you! 

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