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Wed, 6 December 2023

North & South Cheshire Virtual Networking

A warm welcome, friendly breakout rooms to engage in quality conversations. Your business can't afford you to overlook the power of planning, with the speaker topic: Business Planning Part 1 - what is it and why is it so crucial?

Tue, 12 December 2023

Liverpool City Region Connect Virtual Networking

This event is your opportunity to build your networks across Liverpool, and be motivated to expand aspects of your business, by this months guest speaker topic: 'Raising awareness of mental health support'.

Thu, 14 December 2023

Lancashire and Cumbria Winter Connect

Our Winter Connect event, brings a one-stop place to connect, gain support, discuss challenges and opportunities for businesses. Step into the winter wonderland where business meets festive cheer! 

Thu, 14 December 2023

Big Christmas Quiz - Merseyside & Cheshire

FSB Merseyside and Cheshire is delighted to invite you as our FSB’s Big Christmas Quiz is BACK for 2023!

Wed, 10 January 2024

Women in Business - Lancashire & Cumbria

For Lancashire & Cumbria women who run their own business to come together to share ideas, discuss key issues, and reflect in a supportive group.

Mon, 15 January 2024

Altrincham In Person Networking

Join us at this in person networking event so that we can all keep connecting, collaborating and supporting each other.

Wed, 24 January 2024

Pure Networking Greater Manchester

No guest speakers, no promotional talks, nothing fancy – just pure networking for businesses based in Greater Manchester (and beyond, we’re not fussy). Come along to our virtual event where it will be networking, more networking, and nothing but networking!

Wed, 31 January 2024

Network MediaCity

We warmly welcome you to an evening of informal networking, with drinks, canapes and stunning views across Media City.