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FSB Insurance Service
Insurance Service

The FSB Insurance Service, have been looking after FSB members for over 20 years and are here for you whenever you need help or advice on insurance matters for your business. You don't even have to have a policy with us, to seek our advice.

What are the key features?

  • Hassle free insurance - the dedicated team removes the hard work of searching for insurance, we work as a broker to find you a suitable policy, for your individual circumstances.
  • They work with you to understand your business so they can source the right cover to meet your needs.
  • They offer free, no-obligation insurance quotations.
  • They give expert insurance and claims advice when you need it.
  • Free Credit Management Service available to members for Debt Recovery.
  • Exclusive Debt Recovery Services available.
  • Hassle free claims service.

Special FSB member benefits

  • Cost savings across a whole range of insurance products not just for your business.
  • Exclusive member discounts available for new clients and at renewal*.

How do I access this?

You have to be an FSB member to use the FSB Insurance Service, so please join to take advantage of the full range of offers.

If you're already a member and want more information on how FSB Insurance Service can help your business, please log in above

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Lily Goulder runs two businesses from her home office; the first being a successful, independent lifestyle magazine based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border entitled 'Village People'.

Starting a second business from the same office and needing a second line installed she was unsure as to what the options were for her. Already a customer with FSB and happy with the service they had provided when she joined, Lily asked them for advice. They said a second line was unnecessary, and that instead they could set up the Call Sign feature. This feature creates a 'ghost line' which sends all the calls through your existing line and creates a different ringtone on your existing phone. At a cost of only £1.75 per month, this is a fantastic alternative to having an expensive new line installed.

The set-up of this was quick, efficient and fuss-free. Lily knew she was getting the best possible deal and thanks to the help of FSB her second business was up and running in no time. She was even able to take advantage of having a new 0845 number allocated free of charge!

Lily was impressed by the honest, clear and sensible advice of the FSB Telecom staff. "The customer service at FSB Telecom really is first-class; I have had trouble in the past with other providers and always felt they were trying to get as much money out of me as possible. With FSB this was not the case" she explained.

"I can now run two businesses from home and I am not cluttering up my desk with two phones or paying through the nose for two lines. The Call Sign feature means I have the cheapest possible set-up for my needs and I get a 0845 number! I would not go anywhere else".

*FSB branded policies only and subject to underwriting criteria.