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#ibacksmallbusiness is our social media campaign that engages with politicians from all parties in Brussels, Westminster, Holyrood, Stormont, Cardiff Bay and in local authorities. Using the hashtag on social media shows support of the issues important to our members including; access to finance, business rates, parking charges and high-speed broadband.


#ibacksmallbusiness is being used to promote the manifestos and election work from FSB Scotland, FSB Wales, FSB Northern Ireland and FSB London ready for upcoming elections in May 2016 in Holyrood, Cardiff Bay, Belfast and London City Hall. Politicians will be challenged to say #ibacksmallbusiness (and #cefnogibusnesaubach in Wales).

Key points of this campaign


How does the campaign work?

Anyone with a social media profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ can use #ibacksmallbusiness. Whether you’re an FSB member or a supporter of small businesses, you can join the debate on issues important to our members.


How can I get involved?


Tag or tweet politicians in your local council, devolved Parliament or Assembly, local MP or MEP. Include the hashtag #ibacksmallbusiness and the relevant issue (e.g. broadband, late payment and pensions). This raises awareness but also highlights our work, trying to bring change for small businesses.

To find out more about the #ibacksmallbusiness campaign in other areas use the below links:




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