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08 November 2017

Number of Scottish businesses at record high

Reference number: SPUR0811

- Smaller firms account for 99 per cent of firms, half of private sector jobs

A new Scottish Government statistical publication shows that the number of small businesses in Scotland is at a record high.

The official data shows that there were 365,600 private sector businesses operating in Scotland during 2017, up 3 per cent from 2016. The statistics also show that small and medium sized firms continue to account for 99 per cent of all Scottish businesses, and provide 55 per cent of Scotland’s private sector jobs.

Andy Willox, FSB’s Scottish policy convenor, said: “These figures show that smaller firms are more important to Scotland’s success than ever before.

“As many big private and public organisations downsize and withdraw from local communities, smaller businesses are picking up the slack. From Stornoway to Selkirk, small firms are creating jobs, leading to the record lows in unemployment we’ve seen this year.

“However, with political and economic uncertainty ahead, policymakers can’t take Scottish business for granted. As we approach autumn budget setting, politicians and officials must give smaller operators the tools to succeed. This isn’t the time for new tax grabs or burdens on local enterprises.”