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What makes a truly successful small business owner?

In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the best qualities a small business owner can have. It’s these attributes that make such a person successful, how many can you check off the list?

1. They take the business seriously: This is incredibly important, especially when you first set up a business. If you’re not taking your life’s-work seriously, then who will? If you treat your operation in a slap-dash manner then so will everyone else who comes into contact with it. This doesn’t just relate to your general approach, but also to the way you think about finances and the future. This brings us onto our next point…

2. Carefully consider the future. It’s all well and good to live in the moment, but the moment doesn’t last forever. Think about what you’re next move forward is and where you want to take the business.

3. Do what you like. No, we don’t mean this in a happy-go-lucky kind of way! It sounds really simple, but if you’re thinking of setting up a business then you need to be sure that you’re going to enjoy your profession. Running a business is hard work, make sure the hard work is worth it.

4. They want to talk about their business, just not too much. It can be easy to ram your new business idea down the throat of everyone around you – but that’s not the way to make contacts. By all means tell people about your venture but aim to strike a balance between the promotion of your business and downright obnoxiousness.

5. They get to know their customer base. It sounds a little dramatic, but in a time where people spend more time looking at their smartphone screens than at the faces of other people, you need to find a way to connect with both current and potential customers. 

What makes a truly successful small business owner?

6. They invest in the surrounding community. A business can be more than a business, it can be a force for positive change within a community. Why not sponsor a local event? You gain exposure and support a good cause.

7. They are accessible. It’s as simple as it sounds – be there when you are needed.

8. Build a strong team. If you want to cultivate a culture of positive results you need to surround yourself with strong employees who are willing to put time and effort into your business. There’s a saying in here somewhere… as boss is only as strong as the weakest member of their team? That’ll do!

9. They nourish relationships. During your time as a small business owner you will meet many, many people. From networking events to footfall, wherever you may be make sure you are nurturing positive relationships and don’t be afraid to cut off the unhealthy ones!

10. Every now and then they take a break. Going full-tilt all the time is exhausting, who wants to spend the next forty years doing that? Reward yourself when you can and remember to tell yourself this: you’re doing a great job!

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