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The benefits of employee protection and HR legal advice

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  • 25 October 2016

Employment protection involves ensuring your business meets the legal requirements of employment law. It covers a number of areas from contracts, to wages to HR procedures.

These are all hugely important pieces of legislation that you need to manage your business safely and effectively. Having the right paperwork and policies in place ensures you adhere to legal requirements. This also ensures you benefit from assistance provided to help protect not only your staff, but your business too.

The benefits of employee protection and HR legal advice

Contracts, procedures and policies to protect your business

As an employer, you need to be able to provide a contract to each member of staff to ensure factors like acceptable levels of pay and good working conditions are evident across your business. The contract should also highlight procedures, such as health and safety, disciplinary and dismissal processes, which you have put in place.

Staff should be aware of these procedures and understand their role and how to adhere to them. This is commonly explained during a new staff member’s induction into a company. You can also conduct reviews with staff periodically to remind them of the importance of your policies and ensure they’re following them.

Having policies set out benefits your business primarily because it ensures you have the right legal documentation in place.

This should help to protect your business in the event of an employee complaining due to issues arising from a violation of one of more of these policies.

What other help is there with employment protection?

Sometimes polices aren’t enough in terms of employment protection. If an issue with an employee escalates, for instance, it may have to be taken to an employment tribunal. At this point, dealing with an issue becomes a legal dispute and you might need more specialised assistance to help rectify a complaint. This is where a business can benefit from HR legal advice.

In the event of a tribunal, it’s worth getting specialised legal assistance from solicitors with experience and proven track records in employment disputes.

Getting the right advice and guidance to navigate a claim can be vital in helping to protect yourself and your business.

FSB offers members access to a number of employment protection services, including:

  • An employment advice helpline where issues can be discussed with qualified lawyers
  • Tribunal insurance – Access to specialised legal representation in defending an employment tribunal claim
  • Downloadable and customisable employment documentation from our online Legal Information hub
  • Cover for up to £50,000 per claim

To find out more about our employment protection services, visit our FSB Employment Protection page.

FSB Employment Protection from FSB

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