Why health and safety training is important for small businesses

Blogs 1 Sep 2021

Learn more about the benefits of health and safety training, who needs it, and how it can keep your business safe and compliant.

Health and safety training in construction business

As the business owner, you’re legally responsible for maintaining a safe work environment and complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive or your local authority. Staff, customers, clients, and anyone who visits your premises who could be at risk from your work activities should be considered when carrying out risk assessments

Under this legislation, you also need to provide relevant information and training to your team to ensure their safety whilst at work. Your employees should understand your health and safety policy, know how they can put it into practice and be aware of how they can raise any concerns.

As well as being a legal requirement, everyone in your business can benefit from relevant training, especially if you’re working in a high-risk environment. It can help to reduce risks, minimise hazards day-to-day, and make sure your business runs smoothly. This includes you, your team and contractors who may be unfamiliar with your workplace and the measures you’ve put in place. 

How can I identify training needs in my business? 

  • Gaps highlighted by your risk assessment, such as new hazards, responsibilities, or equipment where more education around safety is necessary. 
  • When a new employee starts, training can show them how to work safely in a new environment, such as where first aid is kept or evacuation procedures in the event of a fire. Don’t forget that training should be repeated regularly with existing staff– people forget, and processes and equipment change. 
  • Younger employees or those with less experience, for instance, due to a career change, may need additional training or supervision in their role. 
  • FSB members can take a Legal Health Check on the FSB Legal and Business Hub, which provides a customised report so you can understand your health and safety compliance and where more training may be needed.

What does health and safety training include? 

With FSB Health and Safety’s free online training, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your legal responsibilities, how to spot hazards and how you can mitigate risks in the workplace. From food safety basics to first aid at work, you’ll increase your knowledge of the procedures you can put in place to stay safe and compliant with regulations.  

Training should be reviewed on a frequent basis to make sure you and your team are up to date with the latest health and safety requirements. Regular training can help you to operate your business safely, prevent accidents and minimise other risks to health.  

Depending on the nature of your business, you may encounter specific training requirements or legal obligations. For example, if you’re dealing with dangerous chemicals, then you’ll need to understand and follow Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.   

What health and safety training can I access as an FSB member? 

As well as guides, templates and expert advice, FSB members can also access a variety of on-demand online training modules designed by health and safety specialists. If you’re hiring new staff or want to give your team a refresher, you and your employees can access online training, with a quiz to complete for each module, covering: 

  • Construction industry and working at heights 
  • Emergency planning  
  • Fire safety and risk assessments  
  • First aid at work  
  • Food safety basics  
  • Food safety rating and prosecutions  
  • Gas and electricity  
  • Health and safety policies  
  • Risk assessments  
  • Health and safety signs 

The online training portal also contains a handy learning report to help keep track of you and your employees’ training.   

Ready to get started? 

FSB members have access to free online health and safety training courses. Visit the FSB Legal and Business Hub and select the health and safety section, where you’ll find the login option for training.  

Take the risk out of protecting your business

Whatever your sector, FSB Health and Safety takes the stress out of compliance. With workplace health and safety advice from industry experts, as well as online documentation and on-demand training, you’re in safe hands.

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