Why burnout affects grafters and slackers and how to stop it

Webinar 29 Jun 2021

In this webinar we discover what burnout is, its triggers and how you can prevent or tackle it.

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Regarded by the World Health Organisation as a key driver of work-place absence, there's little doubt that burnout is a real and present danger, which poses grave consequences for people and organisations who ignore it.

In this session we explore:

  • the 4 key work-place triggers of burnout and how to tackle them.
  • why tackling burnout requires a wider focus than simply the work environment.
  • the critical mindset shifts required to handle arduous and long-term stress. 
  • how elite performers process and respond to set-backs, using T.E.S.T.
  • how to manage long term worries using The Worry Scale, so you remain proactive about tackling your worries, but without getting consumed by them.
  • how to create rhythms and routines which energise in the toughest of times

This webinar is presented by Andrew Pain. Andrew is an accredited leadership coach, serving business leaders, enabling people to get more done, but without getting busier or burnt out. Andrew delivers 1-2-1, executive coaching and for lone entrepreneurs, a long term, mentoring/accountability support package.

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