What is personal injury pursuit cover?

Blogs 26 Jul 2021

Our experts from FSB Legal Protection Scheme explain the benefits of personal injury pursuit cover and the protection available for FSB members at no extra cost.

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When it comes to legal expenses insurance, areas like tax, employment tribunals and data protection are often the first we think of. But what if you experience a business-related injury? Being out of action when your business needs you can be a worry, especially if you’re self-employed or responsible for running a small team.  

What does personal injury insurance cover? 

Your costs are covered should you need to start legal proceedings for a business-related injury. Should you need to take out an injunction following an assault or other threatening behaviour towards you or your staff, your business’ legal costs can be covered.   

What are the benefits? 

The cost and time involved in pursuing legal action can be a barrier to making a claim. As part of FSB Legal Protection Scheme, you can access: 

  • 24/7 legal advice so you can get guidance as soon as possible. 
  • Representation from specialists. 
  • Reassurance and peace of mind throughout. 
  • Protection against loss of income as well as other expenses. 

Here is how one FSB member was able to make a claim following an accident that left them worried about running their business.  

What happened? 

"I was recently driving to see a client and was involved in a road traffic accident. I was injured quite badly and really worried about how I was going to continue to run my business."  

How did FSB help? 

"I have been a member for many years and have used the FSB legal advice line several times. Another member told me I should enquire about making a claim for personal injury pursuit and I am so grateful to them as I never would have thought I was covered. My claim on my legal protection insurance policy was successful. I can’t thank FSB enough for continuing to provide excellent legal services and making my recovery a lot less stressful."

What extra protection is available for FSB members? 

FSB members can access legal representation for pursuit of damages for a business-related injury, as well as legal representation for an injunction to prevent the return of an assailant to your business premises. 

Legal expenses insurance that doesn’t break the bank

Protect your business against the unexpected. FSB Legal Protection Scheme is designed just for small businesses and is backed by 24/7 legal advice, expert tax guidance and online support - all at no extra cost.

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