Small employers reserve judgement on Government ‘back to work’ plan

Press Releases 11 Mar 2023

FSB responds the Government’s announcement of expected Budget measures related to economic inactivity.

Responding to the Government’s announcement of expected Budget measures related to economic inactivity (issued by HM Treasury under a 2230 Saturday embargo, headline “Chancellor’s ‘back to work’ Budget to boost the economy”), Policy Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Tina McKenzie said:

“Employers will reserve judgement on a ‘back-to-work’ plan until we have seen it in full. Paying those on Universal Credit upfront for childcare is unambiguously welcome – and we hope to see this complimented by other measures to increase availability of care, including FSB’s proposal to scrap business rates for day nurseries.

“There will be understandable scepticism if the plan focuses heavily on increasing work coach contact hours and sanctions at Job Centres. There are ultimately only two ways to get a job – somebody employs you or you employ yourself.

“We urge the Chancellor to launch a Kickstart-style scheme to directly help employers recruit those whose health conditions have frustrated their ambitions to work for a long time, or who have struggled to find their first job. This approach is the key test for the seriousness of a back-to-work plan.

“We want to see much more focus on how resources can be focused on better working with businesses, particularly small firms who find Job Centre Plus difficult to engage with, and we hope to see the new Department for Business and Trade tasked with helping 100,000 more disabled people to start their own businesses through improvement to barriers like poor access to finance.

“Scrapping work capability assessments will be welcomed by many – claimants and employers recruiting alike will want to see this happen quickly. It’s not right that people who want to work are kept away from work through fear of assessments.

“FSB is supportive of Skills Bootcamps and we have been working closely with Government to make sure they can work for older as well as younger workers – we look forward to continued engagement on this.”

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