Significant restrictions must be followed by substantial support

Press Releases 14 Oct 2020

Roger Pollen reacts to the NI 'circuit breaker'

Responding to the announcement of new intense coronavirus restrictions affecting businesses, FSB NI Head of External Affairs, Roger Pollen has called for a substantial support package to be deployed immediately.

Commenting, Roger Pollen, said:

“Throughout the pandemic we have always said that policy should be led by the evidence, and that businesses are prepared to play their part in efforts to protect public health.

“The restrictions announced this morning will be deeply disappointing for those businesses who have gone above and beyond to put in place substantive measures to keep staff, customers and the general public safe.

“While focus will understandably be on the hospitality sector, which has again borne the brunt of the public health regulations, many self-employed people providing close contact services, such as beauticians and hairdressers are also impacted.

“A significant support package should rapidly be deployed, in a way which recognises the broad range of businesses that have been impacted by these restrictions, including those indirectly affected through the supply chain.

“Many businesses have already used up reserves and taken out loans during the initial lockdown, so cash has been badly depleted.

“To prevent otherwise viable businesses failing, support needs to be developed and distributed rapidly - there is no time to waste.”