Meet the member: Mak Singh, MSP Logistics Ltd

FSB Member Story 25 Mar 2021

Mak shares his experience of FSB’s legal services and why he believes FSB is a ‘no-brainer’ for small business owners.

Mak Singh is Managing Director of MSP Logistics Ltd, a provider of courier, storage and distribution services in Bristol and London.  

As a long-time FSB member, Mak shares his experience of FSB’s legal services and how his father's advice kept him in good stead. 

Tell us about yourself and your background in business. 

I set up MSP Logistics Ltd, a same-day courier service, over 17 years ago, having left a private banking position with an international bank. 

My passion for service stems from a family clothing business set up by my grandfather. My brother and I used to spend weekends at the shop. We loved it, meeting new people, engaging with them and helping them with their purchases and seeing their excitement. 

Why did you join FSB? 

It was my father who recommended that I joined FSB, as he was previously a member when he ran his own business.  

Throughout my 17 years in business with MSP Logistics Ltd, FSB has been a really valuable resource for legal advice. I can access contracts, get help with my employees, and most recently I’ve had support through COVID-19.  

What impact does FSB have on your day-to-day business life? 

I think it’s a no-brainer to be a member of FSB. I’ve been able to access help with my employees and the legal team has supported me with contracts for buyouts.  

I know if I have an issue that I can pick up the phone and talk things through with someone who has the right knowledge, especially in my industry with driver regulations. And if they can’t answer my question, they’ll arrange for someone who does know to call me back.  

It’s great value for money and I always recommend FSB to my subcontractors. I’m massively pleased to have FSB at my disposal, and during the pandemic they have been incredibly helpful.  

What support did you access during COVID-19? 

I spoke to the legal helpline for advice about my drivers’ annual leave and holidays and was able to get great advice. We talked through the solutions available and what I could consider that was fair for me and my employees. I run a close-knit team and don’t like confrontation, so to be able to talk things through and take more care was great. It was easy and straightforward, and the specialists I speak to are always so knowledgeable. I know I can call any time, leaving me to get the job done.  

Do you have any advice for new businesses? 

Join FSB, it’s invaluable and great value for money! My wife is actually starting up her own business currently and she’ll be joining shortly too. 


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