Lights, camera, action! 7 tips for virtual networking

Blogs 16 Apr 2020

Ready for your close up? Our blog has seven tips to get you camera ready.

New to online meetings? Don’t worry – here’s some simple steps to remember when joining your first virtual networking meeting.

Be prepared

Even for the most seasoned networkers amongst us, the prospect of virtual networking can present some challenges. If you’ve never participated in a video conference call before, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the technology ahead of time! FSB’s virtual networking will be using Zoom, so you’ll want to download and set it up before your first meeting. You can find a simple guide to setting up Zoom here.

Can you hear me?

You’ll want to be heard – that’s what networking is all about, after all! Check your microphone and speaker work properly ahead of time. You don’t need any fancy equipment; a simple headset or pair of earphones will do. There’s nothing worse than sound being muffled, breaking up or hard to hear. It’s best to mute your mic when you’re not speaking to avoid any distractions when someone else is speaking.

Get your best angle

Seeing others is key to building relationships, so setting up your webcam correctly is important. Position the camera so it gives the best view of you (rather than of the ceiling or your surroundings) and so that you can look directly into the camera lens.

Look the part

Whilst this is likely to be a more relaxed atmosphere, you’ll still want to be a professional face of your business and look the part. First impressions are important in business, especially when meeting new people. Only your top half will be seen, so feel free to take advantage and wear comfortable bottoms!

Good lighting

Pick a spot that is well lit so people can see you. If you can, have the window or any source of light in front of you. You’ll be backlit if you sit with a window behind you, which negatively impacts your picture quality.

Stay still

You can join a virtual networking meeting from most devices, including phones and tablets. To avoid any shakiness, put it on a tripod, or you can create a makeshift stand on a shelf or with some books. This also leaves your hands free to take notes and drink your tea or coffee.

What’s behind you?

Choose somewhere in your house with a neutral background that isn’t too distracting, and make sure that nothing’s behind you that you don’t want anyone to see. We’re all in the same position at home, so don’t feel like you need a studio, but this will help you maintain professionalism and make a good impression.

Ready to give virtual networking a try?

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