International Men's Day - Men Leading By Example

Webinar 22 Nov 2023

International Men’s Day celebrates the role of men in both their business and their personal lives and look at ways to help support and promote men so they can lead by example.

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Webinar details

IMD is an annual celebration of positive male role models and values. This event is aimed at FSB members and guests who run small businesses and provides an opportunity to look at how men can juggle their personal and professional worlds to become the best possible role models.

Panel discussion on how busy male SME owners can find the help, support and advice they need in these very challenging times and hear some positive steps they can take to achieve their goals.

The IMD theme and goal for 2023 is ‘Zero Male Suicide’ and we will be exploring ways men can improve their health and mental wellbeing as well as joining in the worldwide discussion of the roles they perform.


  • Paul Bannister - Founder and CEO of ManHealth
  • Emily Pearson - Founder and Managing Director, Our Mind’s Work
  • Joe Horton - Dad Coach and Founder of Guild of Dads

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