How to upskill your staff with online training

Blogs 21 Sep 2022

Want to bring new skills to your existing team? Staff Skills Training explains how online training can help you to develop your employees, improve productivity, fill skills gaps, and help your business thrive.

Why is training important?  

Training is sometimes perceived as an expensive 'nice-to-have' by businesses, especially if you’re a small business with tight resource constraints. For this reason, training and development is often de-prioritised when planning how to grow your start up, scale up or established business.  

However, training is vital for your business to succeed. If your team has the skills you need to do their job to the best of their ability, this improves productivity and efficiency in your business.  

In this resource, Staff Skills Training explains the benefits of online training, how it can help your business grow, and where you can find trusted training.  

What is eLearning? 

Online training, or eLearning, is a simple and effective way of delivering a range of courses and qualifications. Most businesses now have access to the tools required to complete online courses at a convenient time. Training is delivered by experienced and qualified instructors through easy-to-use platforms with engaging material such as videos, course notes, interactive quizzes and more. This means it’s also easy for you and your employee to track progress, measure performance, and discuss learnings.  

What are the benefits of online training for a small business? 

Training opportunities have never been easier for your business to take advantage of thanks to digital training.  

  • Cost-effective. Unlike traditional training, there are no commuting costs or days of productivity lost. 
  • Flexible. Let your team learn when wherever and whenever it suits them, and fit training around your business needs.  
  • Tailored to you. Whether it’s business fundamentals like sales or finance, or a course specific to your industry, there are countless ways to build new skills in your business.  
  • Save time. Online courses typically require up to 60% less employee time, allowing them to develop skills more efficiently.  
  • Improved retention. According to Finance Online, eLearning has better knowledge retention rates of up to 60% compared to face-to-face programmes.  
  • Increased employee engagement. Investing in staff will help them to feel like valued members of the team, improving productivity and employee retention. 
  • Stay in the lead. Equip your team with the latest knowledge and industry trends, especially if you’re in a fast-paced sector.  
  • Build trust. Use your staff’s skills and training to your advantage by letting potential clients and customers know how it helps you deliver high-quality services or products. 

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training? 

There are lots of online training options out there, so it can feel overwhelming to know which course to choose for your business to get the best return on your investment. Continual Professional Development activities are the learning activities that your staff engage with to develop and enhance their abilities. 

CPD accreditation gives you peace of mind that the training is reputable and valuable for your business. CPD courses have been independently scrutinised to maintain quality and integrity. CPD accredited courses not only help the individual to improve their professional development, but it also demonstrates that the employee has reached the required standards and benchmarks for the course. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements. 

Examples of CPD include:  

  • Training workshops 
  • Conferences and events 
  • eLearning programmes 
  • Best practice techniques  

For business registered with an industry body, such as construction or health and social care, CPD training is often a requirement of membership. In certain industries, you and your team will need to show continuing professional development. Training can be an effective way of doing this.  

How can I bring this into my business? 

1. Identify your training needs  

Ask yourself: 

  • Where are the skills gaps in your business currently? 
  • What do you need to improve on to be able to operate efficiently and grow the business? 
  • How are these skills aligned with your business needs and goals in the future?  

You could also check in with your employees to understand what they feel their training requirements are and where skills gaps are.  

2. Find the right courses 

Once you know where what skills you need, it’s time to match these up with the right course or qualification. From marketing to customer service, there are courses available to develop the skills you need. 

3. Put a plan in place 

We’ve already mentioned how tracking performance is easy with online training. Create a development plan for your employee so you can monitor their training and measure outcomes.  

Upskill your business

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