How to support employee wellbeing at work

Blogs 18 Aug 2020

FSB Care shares how you can support employees with returning to work, long-term illnesses, mental health conditions and more.

Employee wellbeing is important for any small business. Sickness and medical issues are often unavoidable, but what do you do when you have staff with a chronic medical condition, or a condition which might affect their ability to carry out certain tasks?

We asked our team of personal nurses at FSB Care how they can help you to support your employees.

Remember, you must always speak to the FSB legal advice line before taking any action with an employee.

Our FSB Employment Protection service is here to make your life easier, with advice and guidance on employment legislation and 24/7 access to employment solicitors to help you stay on the right side of the law. 

What can employers do to support mental health?

This is a common question, and so we’re experienced in giving advice for employees who may be dealing with mental health issues. Mental health conditions can be very isolating. We have qualified mental health personal nurses who can offer support and guidance with a range of conditions, including depression, stress and anxiety.

We provide employers with helpful advice and resources to give to their employees, and can point you to organisations and charities that offer more guidance.

My employee has a terminal illness, how can I support them?

This can be a difficult and sensitive situation, which is why we’re here for you to offer advice on supporting the employee and speaking to colleagues when an employee has a terminal illness.

Everyone’s experience is different, but a diagnosis will usually come as a huge shock to your employee and their family. We use our expertise to advise employers on how they can best support their employee, and provide information on appropriate resources and organisations that may be useful, such as Macmillan and Cancer Research UK.

How can I support an employee who is going through treatment?

As an employer, we can help you to support your employee if they want to work during any treatments, for example cancer related care. We’re on the other end of the phone if you need to talk about what you can do. Having access to someone who has plenty of time to listen on a regular basis can be invaluable.

My employee is returning to work, what can I do?

Aside from your legal obligations with return to work plans and form filling, we’re here to help you discuss your return to work plan with employees following ill health from a wellbeing perspective. This may include advice on do’s and don’ts following returning to work post-surgery. We can also support you with absent management advice by highlighting relevant resources.

My employee has lost a loved one, how can I support them?

If you’re supporting a bereaved employee, it can be tough knowing what to do or say. Our nurses can help with advice to you as an employer as well as resources and guidance that you can give to an employee to help them through this time.

All of our personal nurses have been trained in bereavement support, with many years of experience.

How can I support employees with long-term conditions?

Any serious or long-term health condition can be worrying for your employee, which is why we also support employers with practical advice to help and accommodate them in the workplace.

Some conditions, such as diabetes for example, might not have a significant impact on your staff or their ability to do their job. However, you might need to make some concessions in order to help them work comfortably or effectively, like providing somewhere to safely store insulin

Ensuring you’ve made adequate concessions for staff can not only help them to manage a condition effectively, but also demonstrate that their wellbeing is important - a key aspect of creating a good working culture.

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