How to have an active working day in three simple steps

Download our guide to building activity into your working day.

Whether it's making new habits or trying to break bad ones, habit change is a hot topic. Search Google and there are a dearth of books, apps and programs all promising you an easy path to habit change, with so many different approaches on offer it can feel overwhelming.

Together with ukactive and Sport England we have worked on a guide to help you and your employees form healthy habits to keep you active through your working day. You’ll start by discovering your current habits and barriers to change as well as ways to build habits that stick.

Containing simple information, a template and process to follow and links to simple ways that you can get active at home, our guide will help you make workplace habit change achievable for all.

The guide will help you navigate the Join the Movement hub which provides free, high-quality indoor workouts for all environments, timeframes and abilities together with inspiration to get active safely outdoors.

For more resources from FSB, Sport England and ukactive visit our activity hub