How to access specialist immigration support

Blogs 29 Nov 2022

FSB members can access free resources and discounted legal support through their FSB membership.

The UK immigration system is complex and ever-changing, which can be daunting as a small business owner. Many sectors have faced significant challenges in the past few years and continue to face challenges, including managing ongoing immigration changes, Home Office reporting and licencing requirements.

We’ve partnered with a market-leading immigration specialist to provide all the support you need to retain your existing workforce and to recruit the right people with the right skills to grow your business.

FSB has negotiated special rates for our members, saving you time and ensuring that you get expert help that you can trust. Our partner is market-leading, so with reduced rates and expert help, you can rest assured your business is compliant and the talent you recruit can continue to contribute to your business’ success.

All employers in the UK seeking to hire workers from outside of the EU and from within it must have a sponsor licence issued by the Home Office.

There are ongoing compliance requirements with a sponsor licence in relation to record-keeping and reporting. The Home Office can suspend or remove an employer’s licence, which may stop a business from recruiting overseas workers and result in a loss of their recruited talent.

What can I get?

Below are some of the services our expert partner can help you with. All services are fee-paying, but as an FSB member, you will get reduced rates as well as assurance that the organisation you are dealing with has your business interests in mind.

Right to work

Right to work review

All businesses are required to check and record their employee’s right to work. Small to medium-sized businesses are disproportionately targeted by Home Office Compliance. 

As an employer, you need to be sure your employees have a right to work, or you may face a fine of up to £20,000.

Our immigration service for members offers a comprehensive compliance check, detailed reporting, alert service and plan of action to regularise visa status and right to work where required.

Employing Overseas Nationals

Sponsor Licence

Overseas nationals require a visa to work in the UK, including EU nationals. The most common work visa is the Skilled Worker visa. Many businesses will need to secure a sponsor licence for the first time, which is a complex process.

Through your FSB membership, you can get reduced fees for instructing experts to handle your sponsor license requirements, including, lawyers advising on your recruitment strategy, assisting you with decision making about the structure of the licence, advising on the evidential requirements, drafting and submitting the licence application and liaising with the Home Office to ensure the licence is granted.

Virtual Licence

Once a licence is in place, it needs to be closely managed and, as the licence holder, you will need to satisfy the Home Office’s reporting duties. This is a challenge for busy business owners. But, failing to manage the licence can result in the loss of the licence, and with it, the loss of recruited talent.

Immigration specialists can be appointed to handle your licence as level 1 users and undertake the day to day management of the licence remotely on your behalf. You’ll also benefit from emergency virtual licence support to resolve any issues.

Managing your application

When you identify an overseas national to whom you intend to offer a role, you must secure a Certificate of Sponsorship and the overseas national must secure a new visa (entry clearance) or an extension to their existing visa (leave to remain). You may also have employees with different visa status’, so it’s vital that the visa extension process is carried out correctly.

Our partner is an expert in immigration. You can get a comprehensive Application Management Service to take care of this process, ensuring a streamlined and successful outcome. The process will be undertaken virtually with a video conferencing service, a secure cloud-based document store and an online application process.

EU Nationals Employees

Our trusted partner can help you and your business with right to work checks and the UK’s new immigration system, giving you peace of mind.

Ask an immigration expert

  • How do I become an immigration licence holder?
  • How do I recruit and retain European or other overseas nationals?
  • Where can I get the reassurance of a right to work review?

Qualified and experienced immigration lawyers can help take the risk out of the immigration process. FSB members will be able to access information on FSB Legal and Business Hub to help in understanding immigration law. 

If you want to find out how to get help with immigration requirements for your business or how to get a bespoke outsourcing solution, you can speak to experts.

Our partner can work with you to find the right solution:

  • Tailored, bespoke options for your business.
  • No hidden fees – clear, discounted fixed costs for FSB members.

To find out more about any of these services, please log into your FSB member dashboard and go to the FSB Legal and Business Hub. You will see a dedicated section on immigration with guides and resources, and if needed, you can find out more about the fee-paying services too.

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