How employers can shape young people’s skills to meet their needs

Blogs 21 Sep 2022

A skilled workforce is crucial to running and growing a successful business. The Department for Education shares how your business can get involved with Further Education training.

A recent study found that 90% of employers will require significantly different skillsets by 2030 (McKinsey & Co). The UK has a high number of degree-qualified people, but fewer people qualified to higher technical levels than many competitors.  

Further Education is critical to upskilling young people with the technical skills that businesses need.  It can strengthen local economies and boost productivity, but to deliver high quality training, colleges need teachers who have relevant and recent industry experience.   

The Department for Education is investing in the Further Education teaching workforce by connecting colleges and industry. Small business owners like you can get involved in Further Education training in England and Wales and pass on your skills directly to students and teachers.  

What could this look like for your business? 

  • If you want to build direct relationships with your local college and share the latest industry knowledge, delivering a guest seminar is a great option 
  • Bridge the gap between the classroom and a real work environment by inviting Further Education teachers and students from a Further Education college into your business to observe latest industry practice 
  • Want to develop your staff with new training, skills and confidence? Offer your staff the opportunity to spend time in Further Education colleges, passing on experience and knowledge to young people. It’s good for your community and brand awareness
  • If you’re short on time, you could host a webinar for Further Education colleges and gain national reach. 

What are the benefits for employers? 

Match workforce skills needs 

Help students to understand your industry and ensure that individuals are suitably trained to meet your needs as an employer from day one. 

Futureproof your talent pool 

Not only can you pass on experience and skills to potential employees, but you can use it as a recruitment tool to spot talent and bring them into your business.  

Employee engagement opportunity  

Supporting your staff to engage with their local college and students is an investment in their development which in turn supports employee retention and high levels of commitment. It’s also a chance to upskill existing employees who want to develop their knowledge and experience.  

Build and strengthen links with your local community 

Engage with local education providers, facilitating new collaborations, research and innovations. 

How can it benefit your team? 

  • Get involved with the local community  
  • Opportunity to share their skills and knowledge 
  • Generate pride in business and support team relationships 
  • Feel valued and increase confidence 

How to get involved 

Your first point of contact is your local Association of Colleges Area Director. They can work with you to match you and your staff with FE colleges. You can find their contact details by selecting your region below: 


This content was provided by the Department for Education.  

These initiatives are organised by the Department for Education.  

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