FSB Wales on self-isolation announcement for Wales

Press Releases 30 Jul 2021

Welsh Government announces that self-isolation for fully vaccinated adults who come into contact with a positive Covid case will come to an end on 7th August

Commenting on Welsh Government’s announcement on self-isolation, Ben Francis, FSB Wales Policy Chair, said:

“Many businesses across Wales will be incredibly relieved to hear that fully vaccinated adults who are close contacts of a positive Covid case will no longer need to self-isolate.

“Whilst we understand that self-isolation has been an important public health tool, it has caused acute disruption and concern in recent weeks, particularly amongst Wales’ smaller businesses who do not have a large staff team to lean on when multiple employees are required to self-isolate. We have heard numerous accounts of businesses facing really difficult decisions about trading because of staff shortages caused repeatedly by self-isolation, not to mention ongoing recruitment issues that have been reported in certain sectors.

“Given that businesses are at such at early stage of the recovery and have such a long way to go, this has been particularly worrying.

“As such, Welsh Government bringing this policy forward is excellent news for Welsh firms and we also welcome that it is aligned with the date set for other changes on August 7th, providing clarity for businesses.

“Clear guidance for how to operate within these new rules – particularly for those businesses who work closely with vulnerable people – will be key and we look forward to this being published as soon as possible. As has been the case several times; guidance both for businesses and individuals will need to be clear and accessible, and available early so that business owners and employees can plan and adapt to the change, whilst continuing to support their staff.”

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