FSB Wales welcomes new councillors

Press Releases 6 May 2022

The Federation of Small Businesses has welcomed all new councillors elected in Wales today and urged them to reach out to local businesses.

Ben Francis, Chair of the Wales Policy Unit said, “I’m pleased to welcome all newly elected councillors into their roles today and look forward to seeing the leaderships of councils develop, as new cabinets are formed.

The leadership of our local councils in Wales has an enormous impact on the ability of local businesses in our communities to succeed and thrive. As both UK and Welsh governments continue to develop their focus on regional working and local business development, FSB Wales stands ready to engage with all newly elected councils.

Our challenge to all councillors elected today is to take the time to reach out to the local businesses in their areas, to understand their needs and help support their ambitions.

The small businesses across Wales have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic to keep Wales safe. It is now essential that they are provided with the support they need, from local to national governments, to ensure a thriving recovery.”

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