FSB Virtual Events – a checklist

7 May 2020

FSB virtual events will be held online using Zoom. Please read through this page for help with using Zoom, and also to understand FSB requirements and advice on virtual networking.

If possible, please notify the event organiser if you are unable to attend. This allows someone else to take your place where numbers are limited. 

You are not permitted to record FSB events and meetings without written consent from FSB.

Etiquette for virtual events

To ensure that the event is enjoyable and valuable for everyone, please remember:

  • Be polite and professional at all times
  • Behaviour should be appropriate for a business meeting at all times.
  • Join from a safe location which you can remain for the duration of the meeting.
  • If you will be sharing content during the event, make sure you have the files and/or links ready to go before the event begins.
  • If possible, join a few minutes before our scheduled time. 
  • Try to keep your backdrop simple and appropriate to ensure participants focus on what you are saying and not your surroundings.
  • To help keep background noise to a minimum, make sure you mute your microphone when you are not speaking. When your microphone is not muted, avoid activities that could create additional noise, such as shuffling papers.
  • For better audio quality, you might want to use a headset and microphone.
  • You can make it easier to focus on the meeting by turning off notifications, closing or minimizing running apps, and muting your smartphone. 
  • You'll retain the discussion better if you refrain from replying to emails or text messages during the meeting.
  • Any comments posted in the meeting chat or verbally should be accurate, professional, lawful and not seek to mislead or miss sell.
  • You should promote your business respectfully with consideration for other in the meeting. Overselling/spamming is not in the spirit of effective networking and could lead to complaints by other attendees.
  • If in the opinion of the event organiser, your behaviour is inappropriate during the meeting or you make representations or statements which are inaccurate or misleading, the event organiser may remove you from the meeting without notice.  If you are removed from a meeting for inappropriate behaviour, it is likely that you will not be permitted to join any further meeting and your behaviour may be referred to the Directors of FSB who may wish to review your membership of FSB, if applicable.


Using Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that video networking and events might be new to you. If it is, we want to assure you that there is no need to be nervous. To help it go as smoothly as a face to face meeting, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions:

What is a Zoom webinar?

In a Zoom webinar, FSB hosts and designated panellists will share their video, audio and screen.

When you join a webinar, you will join as an attendee. You can see and hear your host, but won’t be able to speak or share video. At this stage, you can interact via chat, Q&A and polls.

Wait for us to promote you to a panellist – you may experience a short break in your connection while this is happening.

Once you have been promoted to panellist you will be able to use your video and audio to connect with us. Check that your speaker isn’t muted or the volume turned down (but note, the meeting facilitator will mute you for some parts of the meeting to ensure that background noise and disruptions are minimised.)

How can I access Zoom?

You can use any device with speakers, a microphone and a camera, including tablets, phones, laptops and desktop. Check your device has the right settings and enough battery life before joining an event.

Download the Zoom app for the best user experience, and be sure to use version 5.0 for increased security.

If asked whether you want to open Zoom, click ‘open Zoom’. If asked about cookies, click agree and proceed.

For further guidance, visit the Zoom website, or view this video showing how to use Zoom. You can check your connections in advance: view how to join a meeting here.

Where can I find my personalised link for the event?

Your personalised link to the event will be in your booking confirmation email, or you can go to ‘My FSB’ > my events when you log in the FSB website. Make sure you have this link to hand on the device you wish to use.

You can also download a calendar reminder from the top of the specific event page.

What if I can’t find my link?

If you have any trouble accessing the event on the day, your unique link will be listed under ‘my events’ in your Dashboard. If you can’t find your personalised link, or your link doesn’t appear to be working properly, please contact us on 0808 2020 888. We can help you access the event, or send you a replacement link. Do have the event time and other details to hand if possible.

Can I use my phone to access the event?

Yes, you can download Zoom for Apple and Android. Ensure the camera is facing towards you so that we can see you, and try to keep the phone still with a tripod or makeshift stand. Connect to Wi-Fi where possible to ensure a stable connection and to avoid any network charges.

Who can I contact if I’m having issues during the event?

An FSB staff member will be facilitating the event to help with getting you into the meeting, and will try to help with any issues. Use the chat feature to ask them a question.

How can I ask a question during a webinar event?

Initially, you’ll join a webinar in a listen-only mode, and can only be unmuted by the host of the event. If you have a question for the speaker, please use the chat box, not the Q&A box. Panellists can mute and unmute their own audio and video, and the meeting host/facilitator can also mute panellists’ video and audio.

How do I send a message on Zoom?

You can use the chat feature speak to another attendee privately or share a message with everyone. For example, if you have a technical question you may just want to ask the facilitator and not the whole group, or you may want to give your number to someone that you’d like to get in touch with.

Please also use the chat feature to share your details and collate others’ during the meeting. For example, sharing LinkedIn profiles during a networking meeting. Make sure you collect the ones that you need before leaving the meeting as we are unable to share them after the event.