Creating a deeper connection with your audience

Webinar 19 Apr 2023

This webinar will guide you through how to create a stronger emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

Event details

Join us for insightful presentations from branding and video creation experts, who will share their knowledge and practical tips and advice.

Everyone knows that a brand is important, but how do you start to build a brand?

Nigel Davies of PIN Creative will be asking these important questions:

  • Why your vision is important 
  • How to review your competition 
  • What to focus on selling 
  • What your values mean to your customers 
  • How your skills can differentiate you

Nigel will explain how you can piece everything together in a simple, memorable way.

Amy Burnett from Visible Impact will then discuss how all small business owners can use video as one of the fastest ways to can reach your audience.

Video is a medium that is often neglected by small business, Amy will explain:

  • How to get started
  • Why video works
  • Where to use it
  • What formats to use 
  • Video best practices 
  • Content ideas 

Your host for this event will Sarah King, FSB Development Manager for Greater London.



Independent brand consultant Nigel Davies helps entrepreneurs transform their business vision into a brand. Nigel combines his experience in strategy, creativity and business to help clients simplify the branding process and gain clarity. 


With 15 years experience behind a lens, Amy has a true understanding of what visibility can do for both individuals and organisations.

Having created video content for a variety of industries, she founded Visible Impact as a result of her passion for helping women succeed.