Cost of living: How employers can support staff and boost retention

Webinar 24 Oct 2023

Blackhawk Network share key insights from the latest BHN Extras research alongside the expertise and experiences of industry panellists, to help SME’s best support their people.

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Financial stability plays a huge factor in emotional wellbeing and with the cost-of-living crisis continuing, employees are looking to their employers to help them through these challenging times. In fact, in Q1 2023, 68% of employers reported to have received requests for financial support from their employees. Happy and supported employees perform better and have increased loyalty to their employer, yet recent BHN Extras research revealed the majority of employees (53%) feel their employers could be doing more to support them.

The key to success lies in truly understanding what it is that employees want, and need, in these times of turmoil.

Discussed in this webinar:

  • How SME businesses can support their staff whilst also facing their own cost-of-living constraints
  • How financial wellbeing impacts business productivity and why is it so important for SMEs to react quickly to dips in financial stability
  • Advice on how to boost retention as a number one goal, especially as post-pandemic ‘Cost of Recruitment’ bills are still impacting the workforce
  • Practical advice and tips on managing employee’s financial wellbeing, whilst keeping your business financially viable


  • Chris Ronald - VP EMEA Incentives & Operations, BHN
  • Anna Slater - Deputy Head of Media & Communications, Federation of Small Businesses
  • Hollie Whittles - National Policy Skills, Federation of Small Businesses

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